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LA Dodgers Prospects Drawing a lot of Interest in Trade Talks Ahead of Deadline

With just under two weeks until the trade deadline, it’s no surprise that trade talks and rumors have started to heat up all over.

The Dodgers, who seem to have all but ran away with the NL West, could quite possibly be big buyers on the trade market as they look to improve a lackluster bullpen or even add another starter to an already impressive rotation.

Just how much the Dodgers are willing to give up to improve in 2019 is yet to be seen, however.

With one of the top-ranked farm systems in all of baseball, Andrew Friedman and co. possess all the assets necessary to get a deal done, but seem to be approaching talks with a healthy cautiousness.

Beyond prospects, Duarte mentions that teams are asking Los Angeles for MLB talent from the big club. While there is the possibility of Friedman trading from the current team — someone like Joc Pederson comes to mind — that remains very remote. Most recently AJ Ellis was traded from the active roster during the 2016 season.


While fans certainly hope the front office does something to improve the bullpen, if nothing else, they can be confident that the team won’t give up their top prospects for just anyone.

Also, the Dodgers’ midseason moves the past two years should not be forgotten as July 31 rapidly approaches.

While neither move eventually amounted to a World Series title, the front office pulled the trigger on acquiring Yu Darvish in 2017 and made a similar move in acquiring Manny Machado last year. Whether they were the right decisions or not is debatable, but both instances display the team’s willingness to move assets if they believe it will give the team a better chance to win now.

The Dodgers’ team may look slightly different come August. Fans can only hope that any trades made result in a World Series win come October.

Kellan Grant

I’m currently a junior at Pomona College in Claremont, CA, and I have a passion for sports journalism. I grew up in the LA area and am a diehard fan of the Dodgers, Lakers, Rams, UCLA, Kings. My favorite Dodgers memory was watching Kershaw tear up after the team won the 2017 NLCS and advanced to the World Series for the first time in his career. After college, I plan on either pursuing a career as a sports journalist or working in sports law.


  1. Last nite – Ryu – started slow………….finished strong -……………he is now unquestionably the Dodgers number one starter – his last 12 regular-season home starts, the Dodgers are 12-0 and Ryu has a 0.75 ERA………..That’s an impressive run.

    1. bluz I agree he is the ace of the staff and should win the Cy Young if he continues. I am hoping that despite his arrogant agent Boras he resigns with the Dodgers.
      I think Ryu likes it in LA it has a huge Korean population and fanbase. And unless he demands a contract like Greinke the Dodgers will pay I believe.

      1. I saw an interview with Ryu and his interpreter, is he also his manager ? They both came across as arrogant, jmo.However he is good,and he knows it. They will want quite a lot for him is my guess, maybe more then Zak asked for and deserved, jmo.

        1. But if Ryu decides he WANTS to remain here, then that Boras creature needs to respect his wishes and honestly, I am not sure Ryu would ask for a Greinke type deal to stay here either.

  2. Sometimes you have the right players, you just need to manage batter. I’m nervous that we might see another 2017 WS. Taking pitchers out, who are pitching well, because stats say so.
    I am confident we will reach the WS. I’m not so sure we will win.

    1. Mike, you hit it right on the head!! Batting Kike fourth, pulling pitchers when they are pitching great, putting in pen guys that have failed all series and be surprised when they fail again, etc.

      Hard to get too excited about the season knowing that Roberts will most likely just blow it during the World Series.

    2. 2017 WS: Wasn’t Robert’s fault that Jansen coughed up game two and that Kershaw blew two comfortable leads in game 5 .

      1. DJR, one other thing I didn’t mention to Mike here is, that Dodgers most likely won’t win the WS should they get that far if the pitching staff as a whole allows a ton of HR’s for example, in the 12 games combined in these past 2 WS they gave up 23 of them! That won’t get it done either.

  3. We have a deep starting rotation.
    Ryu has been outstanding anyone has to like Buehler and Kershaw as our 2 and 3.

    We may be better off than some believe.
    Joe Kelly has pitched well since May 8th.
    Urias looks like the type of power pitcher that can once again be dominant in the 8th inning.
    If Baez stops tipping pitches he has been strong. We also have Maeda. Stripling and will get Hill back. I’d love someone better then Kenley Jansen….despite being 2 or 3 in saves he has been hittable , not dominant.
    Could we trade Jansen and a prospect or player for Brad Hand ? Jansen contract sucks. What does Cleveland need to make the playoff push??

    Will the amount it takes be too much?
    I trust A Friedman.
    Go Dodgers!

  4. 2017 WS was Roberts fault by putting Darvish in for 2 games where Houston scored 8-10 runs on Darvish in like 4 total innings over 2 games.

    1. You beat me to it…There is nothing you can say to these roberts apologists no matter what its never his fault just like last year handing the series over with a silver platter to the red sox

    2. Scott…………I agree with ya!……”Dave’s” biggest folly to date IMO…..just because they acquired Darvish at the trade deadline Dave got caught in the euphria of it all. There was no reason to start him ahead of the pitchers that we relied on all season long. Then after he watched Darvish get pounded in game three “Dave” learned nothing from that disaster and stuck him back out there for GAME SEVEN! He should have started Alex Wood, who shut Houston down in game 4, heck he could have started Kershaw as well, but no he went back to Darvish, the Darvish who could not even get out of the SECOND INNING in game three. When you pick a starter for GAME SEVEN of a world series you are better off picking a guy who is pitching well in the moment………….Darvish was our worst starting pitcher at that point in time. Even Maeda and Hill were pitching better than Darvish, but they had just thrown in game 6.

      1. Darvish started the clinchers in the first two playoff series. I had no problem with him being called on to start those two Worled Series games as it was his turn. It just didn’t work out. That happens quite a bit. If Kershaw doesn’t blow 3-and-4-run leads in the same game, no one is talking about this. Also, the big four of Seager, Turner, Bellinger and Puig batted a combined .174. That is not a formula success. Water under the bridge anyway as the current team is better than either of the last two. Friedmand Roberts deserve a ton of credit for that. They are the best front office/field manager combo in franchise history. Enough with the negativity and enjoy this fantastic team.

        1. You’re a classic shill. You wouldn’t by any chance be a former poster on would you?

  5. Simply put and it bears repeating…Lux, May and our Will Smith are untouchable! Period. Even the very best reliever or 2 will NOT GUARANTEE US A DARN THING, let alone a WS ring!

  6. We’ve had this bullpen problem for ever but it seems only the fans notice it, pitching Darvish the last game against the Astros was just rediculous, last year same problem, we have a fantastic team but stop acquiring more outfielders and get some relief pitchers, its frustrating as a fan to watch Jimi Garcia or Ferguson come in a blow the lead time and time again. You blew it in 2017/18 now its time to make up for your mistakes, get some freaking pitchers already.

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