Marnie The Dog Takes Dodger Stadium And Social Media By Storm

Marnie The Dog

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Celebrity sightings are commonplace at Dodger stadium as prior to just about any Los Angeles Dodgers home game celebrities of all kinds are seen in the stands and on the field.

Prior to Tuesday’s game against the Seattle Mariners one celebrity was all the rage on the field and inside the dugout, stopping by to take pictures with several Dodgers and others in attendance.

Marnie the Dog, a 12-year-old female shih tzu who has become an internet sensation due to her back story and unique look, met Adrian Gonzalez and Yasiel Puig and, among others, and became the darling of the night on social media. Even selfie aficionado Justin Turner got to snap a picture with the internet sensation, which he promptly posted on his Instagram profile.

Marnie’s rise to fame from elderly street dog to overnight celebrity dates back to August 2012. She was found on the streets of Connecticut, abandoned, disheveled and suffering from Vestibular Syndrome, which causes her head to tilt sideways.

She was adopted after four months in an animal shelter, which is when her rise to fame began. Marnie now has more than 85 thousand followers on Twitter and 1.3 million Instagram followers.


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