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Meet Frank McCourts Replacement, Tom Schieffer!


Meet Tom Schieffer, the man assigned to monitor the Dodgers until MLB finishes its investigation on the club. Earlier today, we released an article on the press conference McCourt held in NYC after his meeting with MLB.

Frank McCourt claimed the Fox deal was rejected, when in fact, the decision on that deal was put on hold until after MLB finishes the investigation.


Notes From Tom Schieffer’s Press Conference in Los Angeles:

  • Joe Torre was present in the conference.
  • Schieffer: “I’m here to help the franchise get back on his feet.”
  • Schieffer says MLB is “open-minded” about Frank remaining owner of the Dodgers, but says they’re going to look at the facts.
  • As of right now Schieffer says he is control of the Dodgers, not McCourt.
  • Schieffer: “The commissioner says he simply wants the Dodgers to be a model franchise again.”
  • Schieffer says Joe Torre will help him in this role.
  • Schieffer told me there was no final straw, just that the commissioner wanted to send him in here to “find out what’s wrong and fix it.”

Well there you have it. Frank McCourt shows desperation, while the MLB commissioner and Tom Schieffer lay down the law.


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