Top 10 Photos that Represent McCourt’s Battle vs. the MLB – Submit Yours!

Vote and/or Submit Photos That Depict How You Feel About The McCourt Situation

It’s Friday afternoon and we’re about to start a series against the Padres, and have a chance to see Andre Ethier extend his hitting streak to 25! Many of us are still on cloud nine from the Lakers finishing off the Hornets last night. That said, let’s all have some fun as a community and put together our favorite 10 photos that display our feelings for the McCourt vs MLB situation.

This is only as good as its participants, so submit yours now! Simply, send us a comment on our website or Facebook, giving us a link to your photo along with credits to the work. Also, be sure to say which one is your favorite.

(Note: Click on images to see the full size)



1) Here’s one displaying Bud Selig’s frustration for Frank McCourt’s inability to manage a baseball club. Needless to say Frank is not happy.








2) Here’s one displaying Franks anger for not only being “DUCKED” by Bud Selig, but the fact that he won’t go down without a fight. It didn’t hurt that he does look like Jigsaw from the SAW movies.








3) Here we found a great one at TheLFP (, whom  has many others not related to Frank, but equally as pleasing.







4) Here’s one where Frank has no other choice but to to protect what is his….or is it?






5) Here is one we found over at This is a real, unedited image. This alone makes it my personal favorite.





6) Here’s one from a fan, that shows McCourt expressing his true feelings towards the fans? Or Does he really feel bad and love us?







7) Here’s another displaying emotion that McCourt is nothing but a circus act.






We still need more photos submitted for viewers to vote on! Send us a link of your image in the comments section here on the website or Facebook!!


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