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Miguel Vargas is Having a Great Spring at the Plate for the Dodgers and Can’t Even Swing a Bat Yet

I don’t know if opposing teams know this, but Dodgers youngster Miguel Vargas is not allowed to swing the bat. Vargas suffered a right pinky injury earlier in spring training, and hasn’t been allowed to swing a bat for about a week. Vargas has been able to field, which is why he’s played in the team’s early Cactus League games. However, he’s entered those games knowing he’s not allowed to swing.

For some reason, opposing teams haven’t figured that out yet, because Vargas has had five at-bats, and some way, somehow, has more walks than strikeouts.

Vargas has walked three times thus far this spring, and has struck out just twice. He has an on-base percentage of .600, which would be great for someone who’s allowed to swing the bat, but is unbelievable for someone who literally can’t.

If Vargas had one walk it would be something. Even two was respectable but still weird. But at three, it’s just flat out insane.

While he hasn’t been able to swing the bat, Vargas has gotten some very important reps at second base, and has made a few nice plays that should have Dodger fans very excited for his future at the position this season.

Also, on Wednesday, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said that Vargas has been swinging with the coaches in the batting cages, and could be green-lighted to swing in Saturday’s game.

At this rate, that might be bad for his OBP — but it’s same to assume he’ll be excited to be an actual hitter when he steps up to the plate.

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Noah Camras

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