Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Provides an Update on Injured Miguel Vargas

All eyes are on Dodgers prospect Miguel Vargas this season as the team prepares to involve him in this year’s lineup. 

Vargas has been putting in the work this offseason, elevating his game alongside his teammates and coaches. Unfortunately for the second baseman, he has been hit with an early hurdle coming into the season as he injured his right pinkie finger at the beginning of spring training workouts. 

Despite his injury, the 23-year-old was able to get into Saturday’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers. Manager Dave Roberts spoke to the media during camp and shared an update on how Vargas has been progressing: 

“His grip strength is back to normal. So that was the biggest test to get that grip strength back. I assume with that he should be doing more stuff in the cage but when he swings in a game, I don’t know that answer yet.”

Roberts then shared how many at-bats he is expecting to give Vargas this spring: 

“I would say 40-50, but it doesn’t have to be in a game. We’ve done a good job at getting guys on the back fields so, he’ll get enough at-bats.”

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