Miguel Vargas Reveals Perfect Nickname for Rookie Dodgers Teammate James Outman

The Dodgers are running with the rookies in 2023. LA opened the year with three rookies on the active roster with Michael Grove, Miguel Vargas, and James Outman. All three have been playing together throughout the farm system over the past few seasons and have built up bonds that will last a lifetime. Particularly Vargas and Outman who have been teammates since their first full seasons as professionals in 2018.

That’s plenty of time to come up with a good nickname, right? Well, that’s exactly what Vargas has done. In a recent one on one on SportsNet LA, it was revealed that Vargas came up with the name “Tarzan” for Outman. And in looking at the kid, it just fits perfectly.

Miggy explained.

“Yeah, he is [Tarzan]. He is whatever he wants to be, he’s the greatest guy. He always has great jokes — he’s a pretty funny guy. He’s the man.”

So where did the name come from?

“He’s a savage out there. When you see him in the outfield, he’s trying to catch every ball. He’s running like a wild guy out there, it’s pretty fun to see him — he’s got that curly hair… it’s pretty fun.”

The two rookies have the next 5-10 years to come up with new and different nicknames for each other, but chances are Vargas already nailed Outman’s.

A look at “Tarzan” Outman.

Side note, the Tarzan resemblance is just uncanny.

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