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MLB: Rumors Have a Third State Added to Isolated Baseball Season Conversations

MLB is still trying to figure out a way to get baseball back into action, as another report surfaces. The league was initially rumored to be working on isolating all thirty Major League teams in Arizona to play under a ‘biodome’ type of lifestyle. The second plan was supposed to be adding in another warm-weather state in Florida. That plan would have drastically changed up the divisions and leagues.

Now almost one month overdue for Opening Day, MLB is reported to be considering adding a third state for play. Texas has two Major League stadiums, both of which have retractable roofs to deal with the Texas heat. 

To give you an idea of how things could potentially work out, MLB could be stationing teams here as a sort of halfway point between Arizona and Florida. Teams in Tampa Bay could make the drive down to Miami, while teams in Arlington could make the drive out to Houston. 

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At this point, it’s safe to say that no one really has a good idea of what MLB is going to do. The good news seems to be that discussions are being had, and all options appear to be on the table. Commissioner Rob Manfred said it himself that he hopes baseball will lead the way in bringing America out of this. 

From our perspective, we don’t have a plan, we have lots of ideas. What ideas come to fruition depends on what the restrictions are, what the public health situation is, but we are intent on the idea of making baseball a part of the economic recovery and sort of a milestone on the return to normalcy.

If baseball is returning to Texas, let’s hope MLB puts the right teams near Houston. I’m thinking there are a few teams out there that would love to play the Astros in this shortened season. 

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  1. I don’t like it, not if the Dodgers have to go to Houston and have to play in CHEATER CITY. Period.

  2. I’m still thinking Antarctica is the way to go. There haven’t been any recorded cases of Corona virus there, and the frozen baseballs would reduce the home run derbies. The moon would work too except that every ball hit in the air would be a home run, even popups. There could also be players who simply drifted away during games.

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