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MLB News: Angels Fans Throw Trash Cans On the Field During the Astros Series

One thing has been made very clear just a few games into the year: MLB fans have not forgotten what the Astros did. Houston has played in two different cities since the start of the new season, and have been tormented by fans in both locations. 

Oakland A’s fans brought out all sorts of equipment to mock what the Astros did to the game of baseball. They brought out signs adorned with catchy cheating phrases and even had a mock-cheating system complete with a cardboard video camera. The Astros might be ready to move on, but the rest of MLB is not. 

As it turns out, Angels fans definitely weren’t going to let Houston come and go without some jeering. Fans out in Anaheim started with an inflatable trashcan that made its way down onto the field with the Astros on defense. That’s some MLB will likely let pass since it’s roughly a beachball equivalent. 

It didn’t quite stop there. When Angels fans ran out of inflatable trash cans, they turned to the next best thing. They started grabbing real trash cans from the concourses and tossing them into the outfield. That part MLB might have an issue with.

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Even though it’s probably not going to go over well with the league, you can’t help but laugh. No word yet on what the Angels ended up doing with the fans that threw them out on the field. Tough to tell since the entire crowd was in favor. 

After the game, Houston manager Dusty Baker complained to the media arguing that the Astros had already paid their debts for cheating…

The team paid in money but the players still haven’t fully faced the wrath of upset baseball fans. Houston comes to Dodger Stadium in August… It’s going to be a long season for the Astros.

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  1. You poor baby, Dusty. Once had respect for you but you are just a poor excuse of a manager for that sorry a$$ organization you work for. You needed to be thrown out and fined for your part in that ‘incident’ with joe Kelly last year. Those angel fans should get free tickets next time they play the a$tros

  2. You know, if Rob Manfred had done his job, this would be in the past. He should have took their trophy, their rings and barred the whole bunch from baseball for a year. He is a loser and a wimp. Now he has let the greatest game ever played become involved in partisan politics by moving the All Star game out of Atlanta. MLB should be above all that. I wish we could just keep our game the way it was always meant to be. Simple, relaxing and just plain, good fun. Stay above the dirt that goes along with politics and ideologies. We are better than that.

  3. Spot on, Don. Manfred and MLB didn’t want the financial losses from proper punishment. So they let every ASStro skate by offering every last ASStro player immunity for testimony that would be kept secret. Now the political All Star Game fiasco. Ethically bankrupt and corrupt.

  4. What irritates the hell put of me is Dusty was a good Dodger and now he works for that chicken s**t organization. “Paid their debts”. ????? Not hardly. Not until they give the hardware back.

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