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MLB News: Astros Get Trashed on All Day Across Social Media

It’s always a good day in the MLB when the Houston Astros are getting trash(canned) all day long on social media. The 2017 World Cheating champions were featured in a number of articles and social posts, none that make them out to be the good guys.

The day started off when Carlos Correa revealed that he would like to know what it’s like to get knocked out. The Houston shortstop said that he would be the best MLB player to step into the octagon in a UFC fight. 

I would love to cross over into the UFC. I grew up boxing and I loved it, but I realized, ‘Man, in baseball, you don’t get hit as much.’ In boxing I’m going to have to be constantly getting hit in the face and stomach in the ribs and that hurts. I stuck to baseball and it worked out well for me. But definitely I would love to try.

Trust me Carlos, there are plenty of people across MLB that would love nothing more than to see you give mixed martial arts a shot. Maybe even on the field this season. 

Getting KO’d, I would love to know what that feels like in the octagon. But also getting a KO.

The day got worse for the Astros when the Saint Paul Saints, a member of the Independent leagues, revealed their Astros cheating memorabilia item. The replica ‘Astro the Grouch’ trashcan can be purchased for $35 with 10 percent of the revenue going towards Aces 4 Kids

Overall, not a great day to be a Houston Astros fan or player. But a great day in MLB nonetheless. We’re thinking we need a few of these around our own office!

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  1. You think robbers and thieves feel bad for what they’ve stolen? They lack character, they’ve justified there actions and no amount of trashing bothers them. As long as the stolen goods are still with the thief, the thief is happy.

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