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MLB News: Mariano Rivera Does Not Think World Series Counts With Short Season

In a time full of unknown, one Yankees’ legend has sparked a little bit of anger. Legendary closer Mariano Rivera spoke on ESPN’s The Michael Kay Show on Friday and spoke on the shortening of an MLB season. Mariano does not think that a World Series played in a very short season is worth calling yourself a champion. 

I don’t think you can play a 60-game season and you call yourself a champion. 

Strange coming from a guy who made a career out of short pitching appearances, but what do I know. Mariano went on to justify his thought, saying that too much can go right or wrong for a team in a short timespan.

Anything can happen in 60 games. I don’t think it’s enough. People don’t play on all cylinders, the whole teams are different. I don’t know. It’s a great question, because I don’t know what’s going to happen if the season is starting in June or July.

On one hand, the Yankees’ Hall of Famer is right. There is a lot that can go right for a team and plenty that can go wrong for a team in just sixty games if that’s the number teams played. The Dodgers were 41-19 through sixty games last year, nine up in the west. But the Nationals, who won the World Series, were 27-33, six and a half games back in their division. 

Mariano did not elaborate on what amount of games would qualify a ‘true’ World Series champion. He did, however, go on to talk about how difficult it would be for pitchers if they cannot get back to action soon.

If this keeps happening like this, the pitchers are going to have a lot of problems with this. 

Major League Baseball pushed back Opening Day two weeks, but it seems likely that baseball will not to able to start in June at the earliest. The Dodgers were supposed to kick off their season March 26th against the Giants in a newly renovated stadium.

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  1. Maybe if the Dodgers win the short-season World Series, you won’t mind an asterisk.

    1. That’s cute. The regular season is meaningless and everyone knows for a 100% fact the Dodgers would make it to the playoffs with a full or reduced schedule so it doesn’t matter

  2. Rivera has a point but how can you call yourself a champion if you are a Wild Card team, when you didn’t win your division? You are just a post season champion. I say, play it anyways.

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