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MLB News: Players and League Closing in on Agreement to Start Season

Talk about a roller-coaster week for baseball fans’ emotions. After Rob Manfred came out and said that he was not sure an MLB season would happen, we finally get some good news. 

Tony Clark and Rob Manfred reportedly met up in Arizona today at the request of the commissioner. The two sides reportedly met to discuss the possibility of a season in what was described as a very productive conversation. And now, just a few hours later, there are reports surfacing that MLB and the MLBPA are closing in on an agreement. 

Baseball might be the closest to being back that it ever has been since MLB shut down in March. While the details are completely unknown as of now, the deal is expected to include expanded playoffs and will obviously include prorated pay for players.

As details emerge from MLB, we will be sure to follow up as more news breaks.

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