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Dodgers: David Price Getting Rid of His Massachusetts Mansion

When the Dodgers traded for Mookie Betts back in February, David Price was thought of as more of an add-on. Fans were understandably excited for Betts considering Price’s best days are likely behind him. But lately, the man has really taken to Los Angeles. 

In a surprising move, it was reported late last month that Price would be giving the Dodgers’ minor league players $1000 to help make it through the month without baseball. The gift was initially supposed to be done without any attention, but the media got a hold of it and Price was suddenly a hero in Los Angeles. 

Price now looks to be cementing his move to the Dodgers by selling off his Massachusetts mansion. The massive 12,000 square foot house located just a few miles from Fenway Park almost immediately went into a ‘pending sales’ status. The sale is rumored to be for over $6 million. 

The huge house features seven bedrooms and a host of luxurious amenities, including a movie theater. It’s just one of several houses currently owned by the Dodgers’ pitcher. 

Price is set to be with the Dodgers through the 2022 season before becoming a free agent. Approaching his 35th birthday in August, that would have him hitting the market at 37 years old. 


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