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MLB Season Contingent Upon Players Waving Their Right to Grievance

MLB and commissioner Rob Manfred continue to make a mockery of the game that we all know and love. Earlier this week, Manfred kept adding to his trophy case of dumbfounding statements by saying that he wasn’t sure that a season would even happen in 2020. 

The chief clown of MLB also went on to say that the debate between the two sides was terrible for baseball and that owners were anxious to play. If Manfred was hoping to further divide the two sides, then job well done.

The owners are a 100% committed to getting baseball back on the field. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you that I’m a 100% certain that’s gonna happen.

Manfred further dug his grave when it came out that the 2020 season would end up being contingent on player’s waiving their rights to a grievance that could be filed for the year. If the owners offered a fully prorated salary, then it falls to Manfred to make a decision on the number of games played. His fear is that if he sets it at 50 games, which he and the owners desire, that players will file grievances. 

So essentially, Manfred has asked players to entirely waive their rights this season. It was also reported on Tuesday that there were at least six owners of MLB teams that were all for calling off the 2020 season. So congratulations Rob Manfred, you have made baseball the laughing stock of all sports. 

MLB and the player’s union have really gone at each other publicly this week, with each side issuing strong statements in regard to proposals released. Most recently, the player’s union said that they would not be coming back to the negotiating table and that the league should advise when and where they should show up to play their 50 games. 

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