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Dodgers: Austin Barnes Reveals His All-Time Favorite Teammate

The Dodgers’ Austin Barnes is finally a World Series Champion, and we couldn’t be happier about that. After a few up and down years, Barnes came through in 2020 and showed that he can produce with the bat. The defense has almost NEVER been a question for Barnes, but his bat has seen better days.

Now that he is a champion, Barnes can soak it all in for a few more weeks until Spring Training (hopefully) kicks off. The Dodgers catcher made an appearance on Dodger Talk with David Vassegh this week, and was asked a GREAT question. The best part? The question was submitted to am570 by Dodgers teammate Alex Wood

Man, that’s a loaded question…One of my favorite teammates was probably, well I have a lot of favorite teammates. But Andre Ethier, I remember one time he was breaking a bat in New York in the little way to the clubhouse, and I got caught in the bathroom. And I was a rookie man, I made eye contact and I closed the door real quick. He gets in those modes, he was always providing some fireworks good and bad. There’s a lot of great teammates and I’ve played with a lot of good people with the Dodgers. 

Barnes and Ethier spent 3 seasons with the Dodgers together before Dre went off and retired from baseball. I can only imagine what that first year looked like with Barnes being a 25-year-old rookie in his first year with the team. But given the leader that Dre was in his 12 years with Los Angeles, it makes sense that Barnes would pick him as his all-time favorite teammate. 

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Barnes went on to list a few other favorite Dodgers teammates, including the recently retired Howie Kendrick. Unfortunately for Alex Wood, he did not make the cut for Barnes. Maybe next year Alex, maybe next year. 

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  1. It seems like Mookie should be Barnes’ all time favorite teammate, since Mookie taught him how to hit, and probably saved his career.

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