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MLB News: The First Benches Clearing Incident of the Season

Some might argue that the MLB season hasn’t truly started until the first benches-clearing incident. Well, the truth is that there are probably very few people that would argue that. But I’m one of them, so baseball is back! 

The first MLB scuffle of the season goes to the Cardinals and Reds. And you guessed it, Yadier Molina was right there in the middle of it all when the benches emptied.

The play in question happened in the 4th inning of the afternoon game at Great American Ballpark. The Reds’ Nick Castellanos slide headfirst into home at a play at the plate with pitcher Jake Woodford covering. When he got up, Castellanos had some words for Woodford, who had plunked him that inning. 

Both benches emptied and remained on the field for several minutes during the fracas. It momentarily spilled into the outfield before coaches and umpires got players off of the field and play resumed. Castellanos was later the first ejection of the MLB season in the 5th. 

Notably, recent acquisition Nolan Arenado was right there at the front of the pack leading the charge from St Louis. 

Other MLB News

MLB fans have been waiting for the day that they could mercilessly taunt the Houston Astros for their part in a cheating scandal. They got that chance on Opening Day in Oakland, and they did not waste the opportunity. A’s fans came with signs adorned with catchy cheating-related phrases aimed at Houston players. They also brought a mock video camera cheating system just for laughs. 

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