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MLB News: Watch A’s Fans Hilariously Troll the Astros on Opening Day in Oakland

It has now been over a year since the Houston Astros rocked MLB with their cheating scandal. Fortunately for them, they’ve been able to avoid fans and the inevitable negative response to their wrongdoings in that time. 

But the Astros knew that this day was coming. They knew that one day, MLB fans would make their way back to ballparks and boo them as loud as they possibly could. But I think even Houston wasn’t ready for the level of hilariousness that came out of Opening Day. 

Several A’s fans with signs about Houston cheating appeared in the stands, as expected. But these guys came dressed as the Astros’ cheating system, using trashcans, video cameras, and tv monitors to get their point across. How they managed to talk MLB security into letting them by like this is anyone’s guess. 

A’s fans also went wild when Carlos Correa was hit by a pitch. When MLB first came out that the Astros were being investigated for their role in the cheating scandal last year, Correa was one of the most vocal players in denying allegations. 

Let this be a lesson to the Astros. Time may pass, but MLB fans never forget any wrongdoings. The Astros were alleged to have used their elaborate cheating system for several years, including in their World Series quest in 2017. The system included utilizing video cameras and a monitor while banging on a trash can to relay signs to hitters in the batter’s box. 

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    1. If that’s the best comeback you had?? I see why you’d cheer for the Trashtros!

    2. Using the sports fan angle to troll and spread a little ill will? Really?

      This is a sign of a miserable person and a man (if you do identify as a man) … who buys a jersey and wears the name of another man on his back… bizarre.

      Yes, go right ahead, wear the name of your hero, your stud, whom you live vicariously through on your back in public lol

    3. …and that is why you are choosing to spend (what I will assume is your valuable) time on Dodgersnation. Keep moving. (Yawn.)

  1. Trashtros would have never won if they played like the rest of the teams. And the fact that nothing happened to the all the cheaters is just crazy. I will confess that I cheated and nothing is going to happen to me and still keep the ring and the trophy.

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