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MLB News: Union Denies League’s Proposal, Season to Start on Time As Scheduled

Fans wondering when or if the MLB season will get started are starting to get some clarity. The League made a proposal for the Union to push back games 1 month earlier this week, but they denied that offer late Monday night. 

Since the Union turned down that offer, the league is forced to go back to the set Collective Bargaining Agreement. That CBA says that the season is to start on schedule with Opening Day taking place for MLB on April 1st. Spring Training camps are set to open in just two weeks on February 17th. 

Part of the proposal from MLB was a request to push back the start of the season almost 1 month. They reportedly agreed to cut out the part of the deal that offered Rob Manfred the leeway to suspend or cancel games due to the pandemic. The union wasn’t going for that either. 

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MLB released the following statement once word got out that the Player’s Union had denied the proposal. There does not appear to be a counter-proposal in the plans for the future.

We are moving forward and instructing our Clubs to report for an on-time start to Spring Training and the Championship Season, subject to reaching an agreement on health and safety protocols.

To be clear, there is no requirement for the Player’s Union to counter with an offer of their own. The CBA acts as their contract for this year, and the only way it can be adjusted is with the approval of the players. The Union does not want extended playoffs, and the league has said that they will not get the Universal DH without that. We’ll have to see how that plays out. 

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  1. I was wrong! I was too optimistic believing the Players Union would bend to reality of a Pandemic. Silly me!
    The Players would have gotten their full salaries and the DH. The only issue an extended playoff in order to generate more revenue.
    That the Union has not counter proposed is damning as far as understanding the union is elitist and out of touch with reality.
    My retired friends and I each spend thousands every year at Spring ball here in AZ. None of the people I hang out with will be there this year. Most of us have not been vaccinated yet and are not going anywhere until we get both shots. Very disappointed in the Players Union. We have all had to make sacrifices the Players apparently are done with that.

  2. I can’t understand the Union’s position. The league offered full salary for 154 games which offsets the extended playoff games, the DH which protects pitchers and allows for more player contracts, and a delayed start which protects all. There must be fine print that I’m missing because this makes no sense.

  3. I don’t see how the league and union can go against the officials of Arizona and Florida and their requests to put off coming to the ST sites while this Pandemic is extremely bad in those states. Medical officials will not agree to allow players et al to be there in February when the Covid 19 is very widespread and the health and safety of everyone is at extreme risk. And now seeing that pitchers will now be at risk with having to bat is an issue I can’t see the Union being ok with that. Simply put I for the time being will not care to follow baseball this year. This is a turn off for me for the time being.

    1. It’s entirely hypocritical for those states to ask MLB to delay spring training, when every other sport is currently being played in those states, some venues with fans allowed to attend.

      1. Maybe they feel having MLB there to go along with other sports teams there at same time is perhaps adding fuel to a fire. IDK. But if they are having other sports go on there at this time does tend to be on a hypocrites side. WSS what happens.

  4. For what it’s worth. Dodgers will not be as good on offense, what with the pitcher risking further possible injury having to bat after a whole year off. When Barnes catches. Will Smith sits and Dodgers will be less formidable without Turner if he’s not signed and if the team is not able to replace his RH bat.

  5. When did the players union become the owners and operators of MLB? Oh yeah, when Manfred became commissioner. So weak! I don’t really care when the season starts. I’m just tired of watching Manfred groveling on his hands and knees at the feet of the players union.

  6. With this current state of the Pandemic in both the AZ and Florida ST sites ,I honestly cannot see how ST can commence on time. There’s a reason officials recommended to delay the start of ST and not have players et al show up there in February.

  7. It’s about time the union told MLB to stick it. The Plandemic was designed to bankrupt the league, the Virus is fraud and the fans need to be let back into the mix and the Union see it.

  8. Article in the NY Post says the Biden administration wants the start of the season delayed. Didn’t Obama have czars for every damn thing? Maybe Biden will have a baseball czar.

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