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MLB: Padres Fans Celebrate a Wild Card Win Like Never Before

The Padres are moving on to the National League Division Series. After taking down the Cardinals to complete the Wild Card win last night, fans in San Diego went crazy all over the city. And why not? MLB teams that haven’t won something important in a while deserve the chance to celebrate. 

The last time the Padres had a winning record was in 2010. The last time they made the MLB postseason was way back in 2006 when they lost the NLDS to the Cardinals for the second consecutive year. So it makes sense that fans would show up in the middle of a pandemic to celebrate the win. The team even posted parts of the celebration on their Twitter

From what it looked like, thousands of Padres fans swarmed the team busses as they departed the stadium after the win. Padres fans also had surrounded the Cardinals bus at one point as well, but we’ll give them a pass on that. Since MLB did not allow fans at the ballparks in 2020, this is as close as any fan could get to action this year. 

Fans flooding the streets for a Wild Card win isn’t something that you see often in MLB. But Padres fans have been waiting for a playoff series win since 1998, so let them have their fun. They will travel to Texas to take on our Dodgers in the National League Division Series starting Tuesday.

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  1. I love my Dodgers too but I wouldn’t be too sure. It depends on which Dodger players show up. It ticks me off that the team doesn’t have a happy medium. Either they’re not hitting well or they’re bombing the hell out of the ball. They’ve started making more mistakes also, can’t hold on to the ball or they’re throwing terribly. Luckily the pitching has held on but it scares me a little too. Kelley, Jansen, and maybe one or two more are hot & cold.

  2. Haha all these phonies that never supported their team during the down times coming out of the woodwork now and then celebrate a trip to the nlds like a championship. Noobs

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