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MLB Ranks the Top 20 1st Basemen: List Includes 3 Dodgers listed the “Top 20 MLB First Basemen” rankings yesterday. As a Dodger fan, it’d come as no surprise to see our first baseman on the list over the last few years. Wait hold on, I spelled that wrong it seems. This year we actually see “our first baseMEN” on the list. Incredibly, 3 Dodgers made the list, including the number one spot.


Where Are They Ranked?

12: Cody Bellinger

It’s pretty crazy to see the 2017 Rookie of The Year have a ‘regression’ year and still make the top 15. It’s crazier to know he’s the furthest down the list in terms of Dodgers that were included. The reigning NLCS MVP, and hero to Clint @DiamondHoggers, he now plays a lot of center field because of our depth at this position. Should be fun to see what’s next for Cody in 2019.

6: David Freese

Late season pickup David Freese was an extremely good pickup for the Dodgers. He quietly had one of his best season between Pittsburgh and LA.

1: Max Muncy

Our lone wolf has lone #1 spot on this list. You can throw tomatoes at me for that wordplay later. We picked up Max from the A’s last year as most people know. His story has been laid out before, and the fact that he should be an every day player has been laid out before by our own Clint Evans.


What Does This Mean?

The Dodgers have an absurd depth at this position and use it for platooning purposes. The ‘super platoon’ game plan is a hotly debated topic among Dodgers Nation. All 3 of these studs have decent splits versus same handed pitching, and should probably be every day starters on a team. This gives the Dodgers tremendous trade value should they want to trade one of these “Top 20 First Basemen in MLB” for starting pitching or bullpen help. Only time will tell.


What are Dodgers fans most thankful for?


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  1. Friedman believes so much in the platoon that him and Farhid platooned at the office! Perhaps they should invest in this new concept called “switch hitters!”

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