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Dodgers: Adrian Gonzalez in Favor of All-Star Game Played After the Season

The Dodgers were set to host the MLB All-Star Game this year prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Less than three months from now, Major League Baseball’s best were set to fly into Los Angeles to play in a newly renovated Dodger Stadium

While MLB has not officially called off the All-Star Game entirely, it seems less likely every day that it could happen during the summer months. The amount of games played is one of the biggest factors, but the logistics of moving everyone around and having fans in the stands is a taller task. Former Dodgers’ first baseman Adrian Gonzalez gave his two cents on the issue, suggesting a postseason All-Star Game.

I’ve always felt that the All-Star Game should be at the end of the season, because you do have people who have a great first half and then they end up doing really bad in the second half. But the way baseball is, it’s a long season and makes it tough.

Dodgers fans know this sentiment all too well, as there have been several players over the last few seasons with All-Star worth first halves only to fall apart in the second half. Alex Wood in 2017 and Ross Stripling in 2018 are perfect examples of this. 

But having the All-Star Game after the 2020 season- whenever it happens – might be the only option remaining for MLB. If the Dodgers are still getting the chance to host it, after the season would be ideal for a number of reasons. Getting fans into the stands is likely the number one priority for officials. Playing the game as far away from today is the best chance they would have for that, given the state of the pandemic right now. 

If MLB were to play it after the season, they should also consider an NFL-style of game. Skills competitions are very popular in the NHL and NFL, might MLB also consider it? This is the year to do it if MLB is already going to be moving the dates around. 

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