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MLB Will Require Players and Staff to Wear Electronic Contact Tracing Wristbands

The 2020 MLB season was unlike anything that we have ever seen. New protocols and new rules combined with a shortened 60-game season made for an overall off year. But at a time when the pandemic raged across the world, Major League Baseball found a way to safely navigate through a season. 

In 2021, MLB will once again need to fight the odds in order to get through a full year. The latest health and safety protocols agreed to by the league and the Player’s Union aim to do just that. The 108-page manual will build upon the slightly shorter version from last year. 

In 2021, MLB will be instituting a few more policies to keep players and staff healthy. One of those changes will be the introduction of an electronic tracing device to be worn by players and anyone in contact with players. More from the manual here: 

Every covered Individual must wear a Kinexon contact tracing device at all times while in club facilities and during club directed travel and while engaged in team activities, including group workouts and practice. Repeated failure to wear the devices or repeated failure to return the devices to the Kinexon device docking station may be a basis for discipline. 

The protocols also require that those in MLB found to be in violation by not wearing the device will be disciplined. The NBA has used these devices for their seasons as well, and have been fairly successful in getting through games despite COVID-19 still tearing through most states. 

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It is not clear what the punishments would be for repeated violations of the requirement to wear the devices. The fines that came into play during the 2020 season will likely at least be a part of the plan, though there could be more to it. 

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  1. Completely worthless if they’re only wearing it during games, workouts and practice. They aren’t being tracked outside of baseball where they would actually be violating protocol. If you are going to treat them like house arrest prisoners then do it right

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