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Mookie Betts’ Postseason Problem Revealed, Dodgers Analyst Weighs In

The Dodgers are moving onto next season after an embarrassing collapse in the NL Divisional Series. Much of the attention around their poor performance has centered around the abysmal starts each pitcher put together in the postseason, but their offense was equally disappointing.

Putting up a total of just six runs between their three games in the postseason, a Dodger offense that featured some of the best hitters this season stalled out.

Mookie Betts, who played like an MVP candidate all season, was among the Dodgers hitters that underperformed the lofty expectations placed upon franchise players.

Across their three games, Betts went a shocking 0-11 with two strikeouts, reaching base just once via a walk. Betts had put together one of the best regular seasons of his career with a .307 batting average, a .987 OPS and 39 home runs.

Jerry Hairston Jr., a former World Series Champion and Dodger, spoke with Dodgers Nation’s Doug McKain on his thoughts on why Betts underperformed in the playoffs.

“I think maybe he was a little tired,” Hairston Jr. said. “We know he bulked up last offseason, gained about 8-10 pounds of muscle so he could be stronger in the second half and he had an incredible August. He got so hot, not only was he so hot, he was always on base. And when you’re always on base, always scoring runs plus you’re asked to play right field, shortstop, second base, you’re constantly moving, it can be draining and taxing – not just mentally, but also physically. I want to say maybe he was a little gassed. … We may need to look at that going forward, maybe giving him some rest in September to make sure he’s completely fresh because he uses his entire body to generate so much force in that swing.”

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Perhaps a microcosm of Betts’ exhaustion can be seen in his performance at the 2023 Home Run Derby. Because his swing requires his whole body, he was unable to put up nearly enough to advance out of the first round.

Check out the video linked above for more takeaways from the Dodgers 2023 season.

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Patrick Warren

Patrick Warren is a recent graduate of the University of Southern California who works to cover the Los Angeles Dodgers with Dodgers Nation. Warren is originally from Chattanooga, TN and is currently based out of Buffalo, NY.


  1. Okay, sure. Excuses that possibly – possibly explain 2023 post season for Betts. What about abysmal 2022 NLDS and 2021 NLCS? Please stop the silly excuse making. Betts underperformed, as did the entire offense. Maybe Roberts is “gassed” as well, for his regular season achievements followed by 3 years in a row of playoff humiliation at the hands of teams LA finished 18, 22, and 16 games ahead of each of the last 3 seasons. Yes, playoff baseball is different. What, he and they haven’t figured that out yet? Why not? Said it before: Mattingly was dismissed after NLCS loss in 2013, followed by 2 losses in a row in NLDS. Same thing with Roberts the last 3 years, and Mattingly never had the roster Roberts has had to work with. Friedman has already said Roberts is coming back next season. Everyone underperforms in the playoffs under Roberts. Maybe they need a new voice.

  2. Gosh… all theses excuses.. he not a professional…13 years for $392 million,, and we should not expect more… please give the fans a break,, all the excuses.. but never once blame….Andrew Friedman…..Stan Kasten……and don’t forget how quick they are to raise ticket prices….. smh.. can’t wait to see the next excuse.. ,,, maybe cause the bat girl… was not pretty enough…what do you think??

  3. The dodgers are the world series masters of making excuses for all the above, roberts, friedman, mookie, ticket,parking prices, the sisters, etc.

  4. I don’t consider Harrison’s take on Dodger personnel valid after watching his work on Dodger broadcasts, thankful for the fast forward button.

  5. Mookie & Freddie haven’t been able to produce in the last two postseasons, Very difficult to win if your stars don’t show up and then the rest of the lineup doesn’t have someone step up. Corey Seager has been big for the Rangers along with Garcia as they took out the Astros in the League Championship Series.

  6. I really think the layoff between the season and the first game they pay is something that needs to be looked at. It was not just the Dodgers who sucked in their division series. As far as the hitters go I think that is a big factor. It’s a long enough break for tour timing to get off.
    The pitching failure could be part of this as well.
    This wild card thing has gotten completely out of hand. Look at the DBs. Yeah they are playing great right now but look at their record for the whole season. Based on that, 84 wins, they should not be in the post season. I like to see one wild card team for each league. All the post season games should start right after the regular season ends.

  7. You will never convince me that this isn’t Robert’s and the coaching staff. Their entire approach is built for 162 games and clearly averages out that way, repeatedly. That part, fantastic. Playoff baseball is a completely different thing. Few things average out in your favor in 3, 5, or 7 games, it takes a different approach. More aggressive hitting, less waiting for the perfect pitch. Realize the other team is going to mix up their pitching approach too. LA looked like most of the pitches were not what they were expecting. For years now, it feels like there is a predefined script that we stick to, until it is too late.

  8. Betts has always struggled in the postseason. The guy the Dodgers let go so they could afford Betts, Seager, on the other hand comes through in many postseasons. Maybe going after a superstar while letting your own players go isn’t always a good idea.

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