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New York Yankees Reportedly Sign Gerrit Cole to Record 9 Year Deal for $324 Million

Looks like the 2019 Winter Meetings in San Diego have just produced two of the biggest contracts in baseball history. First, the 7 year/$245M deal for Stephen Strasburg and now, Gerrit Cole has reportedly signed a 9 year deal with the Yankees for $324 Million.

The deal includes a full no-trade clause as well as an opt-out after the fifth season.

Of course, if he opts out, he would be leaving behind the highest average annual value in baseball history, breaking the record set by… Strasburg the day before.

MLB super agent Scott Boras has broken convention and gotten deals done early for his top two pitching clients so far this off-season and you would have to argue that he played the teams against each other perfectly.

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The Dodgers were reportedly players for Cole as they have the team and the cash to make a deal happen, but when word came out that Boras was seeking a number over $300M, it was just a race between the Yankees and Angels with the Yankees holding a major financial advantage over the hometown leverage the Angels had in their back pocket.

Bob Nightengale of USA Today reported that the Angels had a deal on the table for the free agent.

With the top two free agent pitchers off the market, Andrew Friedman and the Dodgers turn their attention to second-tier arms like Hyun-Jin Ryu and Madison Bumgarner to help fill out their rotation. Additionally, Los Angeles has been linked to pitchers on the trade market, which is more up Friedman’s alley.

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  1. I have a feeling whatever Rendon signs for, it’s going to look like a steal compared to these crazy contracts. Stras contract was out of control. I don’t have words for the Cole contract. This is insanity!

  2. So obvious Boras was just using the Dodgers to leverage up Cole’s offer, they played Andrew Friedman like a little boy that he is, while never had any intentions to sign with LA.

  3. Each decade we all are blown away at these contracts. Each decade the teams that are willing to pay them win multiple championships. So now Stras and Cole are not Dodgers, question is, ” Can the Dodgers as constructed, beat the Nats or Yankees in a 7 game series?” This is why Kasten and Friedman get 0 respect from me. As Jerry Buss always said, ” You have to write the check” Dodgers are always late on their rent, and always just miss the big fish, he get’s away at the boat. Then say they tried, and they were right there. Blah blah blah

    1. Which teams have produced these multiple championships? The top 12 contracts in baseball that are at least 4 years into the length of the contract have produced a total of 3 championships. Arod in 2009 with the Yankees, David Price in 2018 with Boston and Scherzer this year with the Nats. More often than not, these huge contracts aren’t worth it. Teams end up with no titles and owe an aging, unproductive player way more than he’s worth.

  4. First of all, the money is insane, but Cole and Strasburg hit the market at the perfect time, when 3 teams are desperate for top pitchers.

    Here is the Dodgers way…
    1) Dodger executives go to the press explaining that there are no payroll restrictions and the team will acquire top players to bring a championship to LA.

    2) Several leaks come from “credible” press sources indicating that the Dodgers are “all-in” and “competitive” with regards to contracts for top players.

    3) Top players sign with other teams probably because the Dodgers offered the second or third most money, but Dodgers fans feel reassured that team has done everything possible to build a championship team.

    As a fan, all I want is the Dodgers to acquire ONE GREAT PLAYER, not tell me how they came close to getting a great player. Spend the money to acquire Rendon or trade for Betts, Lindor or Noah Syndergaard. Please stop running your collective mouths about what you are TRYING to do. As the great Yoda said…
    Do or do not, there is no try.

  5. As much as I have been yelling for Dodgers to do something, I’m really glad they aren’t the team saddled with Cole’s contract. More power to him, but Think Yankees will rue the day they made this deal.

  6. I am glad the Dodgers did not go this high. It would hamper efforts of future dealings, FA or trades, and it will do the same to the Yankees. Don’t get me wrong, I think the FO is doing just enough to “look” like they are actively involved in these big FAs but until they make a real impact move I think it’s just posturing.

    What’s the over and under for when the Yankees will regret making this signing?

    1. What future dealings? They don’t ever sign anyone big so… these deals might be bad later but in the first 3-4 I bet they pan out and if you win a World Series or 2 during that I’d say it’s worth it

  7. The Yanks…LOL Whatever. How is that Stanton Contract working out for them… Or JE. Who the Yanks are Suing. Dodgers need to Pass on MB…Sign Rendon.

  8. I’m glad the Yankees got Cole. His price was way too high for any sane team to consider. More importantly the Astros don’t have him any more. And they are still the biggest AL threat. I see people putting the Yankees in the world series next year because of Cole. But I see the Astros right back were they were last year.

    1. Unfortunately that Astros cheating scandal has died down and no one even cares anymore and Manfred will take advantage of that and do nothing. So you’re right, Houston will remain the biggest threat

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