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Padres Pull Off Tacky Move Following Win Over Dodgers, Kershaw

The saying goes act like you’ve been there before. The Padres are still showing their relative immaturity when it comes to winning after employing an absolutely tacky move at Petco Park on Friday night. San Diego already had the win — the Dodgers were defeated on their turf. But that apparently wasn’t enough. The video board had to add more insult.

After the win, the jumbotron at Petco Park proudly displayed “Padres Win” on the screen. But the operator took it a step further with the addition of an edited image of Clayton Kershaw crying.

Fans on both sides seem to not especially like the anti-tribute.

It seems that the Padres won the World Series of May 5th…

More to come on this story.

Clint Pasillas

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  1. Not exactly, but related.

    Tatis’ dance around the bases following his second home run was nothing short of juvenile. I guess he wants to make sure nobody thinks of him as classy. Hit not one, but two HR’s off a future HOF’er and I tip my hat to you. Act like a 5 year old rounding the bases and I’ll boo you. I know you’re rich, but poor form, grow up Fernando Jr.

  2. You’ll never have and will ever get the respect the way the LA Dodgers have throughout the years. No class

  3. Oh boo hoo. You all flashed the statement about Tatis several times on the board when all of that went down during a series against us.

  4. I knew it! I knew Darvish was prob gonna beat us, hes been on right now with all 7 of his pitch mix, and Kersh was due to come down to earth a ” little” I was guessing an 4-2 Padres win. Close…. 5-2. I wanted a 20-0 Win, but nope. I was saying online everywhere: when Pads win, they’ll act like they just got a 9th inning walk off grand slam in the 7th game of the WS against us. Yup! I’m actually glad this happened,I’m not triggered, nope, they have nothing on their stupid lil history: 0-2 in the WS. 2 CY youngs MVP n ROYS ? maybe 1 each? Can’t remember. 1 HOF ( Closer guy from 93-08) Tony Gwynn was like 5 time batting champ. Roberto Alomar was only other guy they even had from their farm that was a HOF. he inducted with Orioles I think. Not pads tho. Adrian Gonzalez was kinda close . Steve Garvey was kinda close too. They can celebrate when Dave Roberts goes init the HOF as a Dodger one day; they’ll claim they should have it on their jersey , since they drafted him. Lol. Well.

    Thatz it! That’s all they have! Oh… and they beat us in a playoff Series once. Or was it twice?

  5. As a Minnesota Vikings fan and being on the wrong side of a heated (lopsided the last 25 years) rivalry with the hated Green Bay Packers, I can understand the Padres rubbing noses in the dirt now that they are finally getting the upper hand. It’s still classless.

  6. The Padre’s classless Jumbo Tron message reminds me of just how much I miss the Dodger’s of the 1960’s and the way Don Drysdale “influenced” batters who disrespected him or crowded the plate. There was a price to pay with Big D on the mound.

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