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Rain, Lin Huei-Sheng, Justin Turner ahead of Nolan Arenado, Russell Martin, Andrew Friedman, and more! | This Week in Dodgers Nation

The weather was the big story in Dodgers Nation as it rained longer than anyone can survive in LA.

Persevering, the Dodgers nevertheless signed a pair of players not named Harper: One is an intriguing Taiwanese pitcher, and the other adds some catching depth.

With Harper seemingly making his way toward Philadelphia, the door for Manny Machado opened ever so slightly… so @SDDodger Tim explored the Case For Re-Signing Manny Machado.

During the same time, MLB Network’s “Shredder” ranked Justin Turner above Nolan Arenado for third base, while suggesting that perhaps the Dodgers had their second baseman right under their nose the whole time.

Our Brook Smith feels that 2019 could be a defining year for Kiké Hernández, who could also see a lot of time at second base.

And today, I suggested a new name as an option for the 2019 outfield: Adam Jones.

Plus our podcast welcomed an author to discuss his book on the 1988 World Series team, but also had some breakdown of the acquisition of Russell Martin, among other topics from the live stream.

Speaking of Russell Martin

While doing his round with media outlets, he expressed his hunger to win that elusive championship in Los Angeles.

Myself and Clint Evans (@DiamondHoggers, if you’re nasty) had a chat with Dodgers Hitting Strategist Brant Brown this week, and I asked him his thoughts on working with Russell Martin.

Over at, Andrew Simon shared my thoughts on how Martin can rebound in 2019.

This was one of my first thoughts after the initial shock of the Martin pick up.

I’m just wondering when we’ll hear the first vintage Russell Martin “I’m in the best shape of my life” quote. #BSOML

The Andrew Friedman Saga

We took a look at the full spectrum of Andrew Friedman’s tenure with the Dodgers, and took into consideration the apparent strengths and hang ups in his game plan.

First, Blake Williams put together a comprehensive defense of Friedman’s willingness to improve the team.

On the flip side, a recent Tweet from Hank Schulman had Clint Evans opening our eyes (that were obviously all already wide open) about the lack of spending from the front office.

Finally, Brook Smith helped steady our nerves when it comes to spending heavily on players.

Something will happen soon, nation… it has to. Hopefully before the “Show Business Revolution” happens at Dodger Stadium.

See you at Fan Fest!

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  1. And that’s a wrap! I’ve had a hard time keeping up with all of your awesomeness at DodgersNation. You guys are just hitting the Dodgers 2019 ground running! Thanks for the wrap sheet. It assures me I am up to (warped) speed on Dodgers news and analysis.

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