Dodgers fans have been able to take in almost innumerable incredible performances, both individually as a team. Baseball’s record books would not be the same without the Dodgers’ presence and their franchise records reflect as such.

The pitching side is especially noteworthy historically as names like Koufax, Drysdale and Hershiser help paint the past as they did the corners while Clayton Kershaw sets his own ridiculous bar as he chases history.

Dodgers hitters may not litter the all-time records in the same fashion, but the franchise still boasts an impressive collection of accolades and achievements of its own.

Let’s take a walk through the history books to see where your favorite Dodgers stand in the organizations history.

Batting Records

Which great performances stand out in Dodgers history at the plate? Who’s hit the most home runs? Most RBI? Best batting average? All that good stuff.

Pitching Records

Here’s where the franchise really shines. The names you’ll see on this list are almost guaranteed to be in the hall of fame, and their records might remain unbroken for quite some time. Okay, maybe not, seeing as that Kershaw guy seem hell-bent on rewriting the record books altogether, but still.

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