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Report: Los Angeles Dodgers, Cleveland Indians Still In Talks Involving Corey Kluber

Remember way back when at the Winter Meetings when the Los Angeles Dodgers were first linked in connection to Cleveland Indians ace Corey Kluber? Now – those reports are back – with Jon Morosi reporting that ‘talks have continued’.

Moreover, this news is about a day old. However, that isn’t to say the Dodgers and Indians aren’t cooking up a holiday special. Trade phones figure to be slow during the Christmas holiday. Still, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that these teams come to an agreement before the calendar flips to 2019.

With much media attention focused on the pursuits of Bryce Harper, it’s interesting the Dodgers are still exploring a frontline starter.

Kluber enters his age-33 season coming off a 2018 in which he went 20-7 with a 2.89 ERA. This included 222 strikeouts in 215 innings pitched.

The rumored names involved heading to Cleveland were outfielders Yasiel Puig and Alex Verdugo. Consider this storyline still in development and something that we will keep an ear to the ground for.

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  1. If they would move past Verdugo and let us sweeten the deal some other way Im sure this deal would get done. Like Puig, Pederson, Wood and another pitcher.

    1. The Indians would be taking on too much payroll with Puig, Pederson and Wood. Verdugo would offset some payroll. If I’m the Indians I would stand pat on Verdugo.

      1. If the Indians take Puig’s contract, I would have to believe that the Dodgers would have to take Jason Kipnis’ also to offset. The Indians are not taking on payroll right now.

    2. No way keep Puig,Joc And Verdugo, just give them Wood ,Muncy, Toles and Russ Stripling forget about Harper he”s not worth more than Puig.And stop looking for second basemen we have Taylor and Hernandez who can be both gold glove at second and center

    3. Are you kidding me, you didn’t name any long-term controled pieces. It’s ridiculous to think you can get a pitcher like Kluber for that mess

    4. Now that we traded away, kemp, Puig and wood, do we still have enough of what Cleveland wants to make a deal? Or does this signal that it wasn’t going to work and Friedman is moving on?

    5. Now that we traded Puig,Kemp and Wood the Dodgers don’t have as many trade chips that Cleveland needs. But maybe Toles, Pederson, Stripling and minor leaguers is enough to get Kluber?

  2. If I am the Indians, for which Dodgers would I be willing to trade Kluber knowing that Bellinger, Buehler, Seager, etc. are deal breakers and I desperately need outfielders. Alex Verdugo reminds me of Michael Brantley as a hitter, but a much better defensive OF’er who can shift to RF. Kiké Hernandez is next on my list as I can move him to multiple locations, including CF. Since I traded Gomes I need another catcher, Farmer will do for short term, but I also want Conner Wong. Throw-in Josh Fields and you’ve got a deal. If you want me to take Puig in place of Kiké to help offset payroll, then I want Will Smith in place of Conner Wong.

      1. Im not sure wheee you got the information that those 3 named are untouchable. Farmer already gone and my instincts tell me verdugo striplinhand minor leagee dustin may for kluberis going to happen

  3. As much as I enjoy Puig, I would move him to Cleveland to clear payroll and help in acquiring Kluber. Factor in Rich Hill or Alex Wood. Mr. Toles might also enjoy Cleveland. I want to clear payroll and use these monies to bring in Harper for right field. Verdugo in left; Joc/CT3 in center platooning; Harper in right. Belles at first; Muncy/CT3 platooning at second; Kiki platooning everywhere; and Cervalli as our catcher platooning with Wong/ Ruiz. Happy Holidays all!!!!

      1. I think you are under estimating Toles’ value to other teams which are in need of OF help (Tigers, Indians, Giants, Padres, O’s, Mariners, Marlins, Dbacks, Bluejays, KC, Chisox, and possibly Pirates). Toles has been a plus defender in LF with a plus arm and enough speed to get to balls down the line and in the gap. AND, he has demonstrated that he can hit ML pitching.

      2. Jay, I agree with the comment below from SoCalBum. Now, in light of the deal done a few minutes ago, it will be interesting to see how long it will be before other key additions are made to the club.

    1. You are not getting Kluber by dumping payroll, it starts with either Bellinger or Verdugo if neither are involved then the deal ain’t happening, puig will only be involved as a throw in

    2. BLUE LOU! We need to see Dodgers do less platooning, as it only creates players to be turned into marginal ones if they are never given the chance to hit both sides of a pitcher.

      1. I agree totally with you Azul!!!! Just got the message that Kemp and Puig were dealt to Cincinnatti along with Alex Wood. Harper now comes closer to becoming a Dodger. If we can add Kluber, and either Realmuto or Kluber we should be an improved squad next year. Go Blue!!! Go PD Jr.!!!!

  4. Under no circumstances would I trade Verdugo. Next year I would like to see an OF of whoever RH/Pederson in LF, Belly in CF and Verdugo in RF.

  5. They aren’t going to do anything this offseason. They acted like this was the free agent class that they were going to spend big but it won’t happen watch

    1. I agree. They always talk big deals, but seems like they always sign a 38 year old pitcher that has had 3 major surgeries in the past 5 years.

      1. just curious, which Dodgers executive has talked about big deal(s)? Seems to me that Dodgers FO does not say anything about trade or free agent targets leaving rumors to baseball writers. Seems to me that Dodgers FO checks status of all players who can help the team then writers start posting suppositions. Dodgers FO did make a huge acquisition before the trade deadline to acquire the best available bat (Machado).

    2. Dodgers FO never said that this was a FA class to pursue, that was supposition by fans when team focused on staying below the CBT threshold in 2018.

      1. SoCal I am all about Dodgers simply addressing some weaknesses and hitting against LHP is one of them. I am not so concerned about whether they spend big $$$ on FA’s or not.

  6. Happy Friday folks (Winter Solstice). First off. I am not in favor of Kramden’s OF preferences, because they are all LHB. this team has been and most likely continue to be vulnerable to LHP, as they were once again in the 2018 WS. For that reason I would give Indians Verdugo, Muncy and or a combo of them, and that is they are LHB to which we are way over balanced in that area. I honestly don’t want to see Puig moved but it’s not my decision. A solid RH bat that can hit LHP is a preference of mine, either to play 2nd or in 1 of the OF spots.

  7. There is no deal without Verdugo. Why is it so many yankee/dodger fans believe that they can trade spare parts for the best players? Kluber is far cheaper than the free agent market. The dodgers are not the only team in talks, they will have to step up.

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