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Report: The Dodgers Are In Pursuit of Bryce Harper

Indeed, this is the time of year when rumor turns to report on a dime. In this case – the Los Angeles Dodgers law of attraction has grown to undeniable proportions with Bryce Harper.

Per a report from Yahoo! Sports’ Jeff Passan, Magic Johnson and other Dodgers officials traveled to Las Vegas to meet with Harper recently. That report, however, was later disputed by Johnson himself on Tuesday. Magic was not in attendance.

Brown mentions that this is the second mega-star in a calendar year that Magic Johnson has helped a Los Angeles court.

Not five months ago, in his role as president of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers, Magic Johnson led the recruitment and signing of LeBron James, perhaps altering the course of that franchise, definitely drawing a star to a city that breathes them. Recently, according to sources, Johnson and other Dodgers officials traveled to Las Vegas to meet with Harper. Johnson in 2012 bought into the Guggenheim Partners’ $2.15 billion purchase of the Dodgers with $50 million of his own, a 2-plus percent investment that is more significant for his name, reputation and L.A. credibility.

As the league’s owners begin the process that is Harper’s free agency – measuring his cost, his impact, his Q-rating, his on-base percentage, his durability – all beating a path to Vegas, the Dodgers, like the Lakers, led with Magic.

Now, it’s important to note that the article doesn’t say anything substantial beyond the Dodgers met with Harper. Moreover, Yahoo does a nice job of pointing out that the Dodgers have the money for Harper. However, their true interest may be another story. One simply cannot know at this juncture.

The take-home message is that the Dodgers are doing their due diligence on one of the biggest free agents in the history of the game. Indeed, they sent their superstar of the ownership group to meet with Harper. There are still blanks to be filled in.

We will have more on this story as it develops, or evaporates.


It’s possible I stand alone on this – but I don’t think Harper to the Dodgers happens in the end. With a glut of outfielders – Friedman has given mention to the luxury tax already this offseason. I realize it’s Bryce Harper, and the Dodgers seem to be pulling out all the stops in their pursuit. However, in the end; I think the Phillies do something just too insane for the Dodgers to compete with. We will know in a short time what threads Harper will wear in 2019. Do you feel like it will be Dodger blue? Do you want to see Harper in Los Angeles?

Let us know in the comments!

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  1. No way this guy is the most overrated athlete in America , a lot of hype but the results just don’t come close.

    1. No. Dodgers are grugal. We have no need for another outfielder. All of ourfielders can hithomeruns, steal bases, field, etc, etc. We actually don’t need anyone but perhaps a catcher. 2nd base is probably a convern that could be looked at, Dozier playing with an injury didn’t allow the Dodgers to get a realistic look at him. Dozier could live up to his hype or may be a has been. The Dodgers probably won’t take a chance on him for any long term commitment. Another top grade pitcher would help solidify our roster.

  2. Good question. The answer is not only no, but HELL NO. Like you, I think there is very little chance he becomes a Dodger.

  3. Seems the sentiment is against. I, too, this he is greatly overrated. I would rather some other team invest the gazillions he will get. The Dodgers can spend that money much better elsewhere

  4. He is Dave Kingman in the outfield. Lots of singers but a 230 BA just doesn’t cut it.

  5. He’s Muncy at 400X the price, or a slower, poorer fielding Bellinger. Last thing they need is another left handed swinging strike out prone hitter. Clogging up the payroll with him makes zero sense.

    1. What about Buehler and Kershaw? I mean you can always use another ace; but I feel like we are as pitching rich as anyone in the NL.

  6. Signing Harper would be very counterproductive, for one thing team chemistry is the most important second is pitching I rather have an abundance of good pitching specially middle relief pitching, it’s always the same the Dodgers do not pay attention to relief pitching the Dodgers have to know that are superstars like Kershaw and Kenley Jansen are burnt out they may have a few more miles left in them but not for long.

  7. Let’s also not forget what his signing to a mega deal would do with the ability to spend $$ elsewhere on bigger needs as of now, and we know what they are….catching, 2nd base and the BP.

    1. I wouldn’t want to lose one of the young cornerstones in a few years because we have Harper on the payroll. He will age quickly and steeply.

  8. I am very much against this deal. The money could be better utilized elsewhere; we already have a sufficient number of outfielders; and it would create even more platooning than we have seen in the past.

    1. Yes. With the current surplus of outfielders – I am just not sure this is a fit. I don’t think that the infatuation with Harper is as deep as the media leads us to believe. We saw that today – Magic Johnson was not involved in any recruitment. The Dodgers are ‘in the mix’ because they’re a perceived fit because they can afford Harper.

    2. Hello there BLUE LOU! Good to see ya here and this is where I usually reside now. But I don’t believe in the long run Dodgers will shell out that $$$ for Harper. Catching, 2nd base and BP help getting to Jansen is way more important at this stage. Besides, as it is, Dodgers must clear out some ogf these OF and also deal Muncy, and that would reduce the log jam in the OF because Bellinger can return to 1st FULL time!

  9. If the Dodgers were going to sign any of the big names out there, it should have been Manny Machado! Moving Cory Seagar to 2nd (helps with his arm) and putting Manny with his big bat at SS would have been the best of all possibilities! As for Harper? NO!

  10. Harpers defense leaves much to be desired. I really don’t get all the hype. Dodger’s have gone up against Nat’s twice in playoffs and we won both campaigns. We need a front line arm, backstop, and void in bullpen left by Watson. Kershaw, “the kid,” Julio, Hill… The addition of a front line arm, and filling the loss of Watson, and Morrow would place is in a position to win West for another consecutive year. And who know what lies beyond.

    1. Find a serviceable catcher. Add the right piece – maybe not the sexiest – think David Freese and what a fit he was. We don’t necessarily need the biggest fish in the free agent pond. We have a very deep and good team on paper already.

  11. I for one find it improbable that he ends up with the Dodgers. Greatly overrated and an ego the size of LA itself. Would be horrible for team chemistry in my opinion.

  12. Another outfielder??? Harper is not a good fit….not worth the money….no thank you.

  13. The Dodgers have all the leverage over the other teams interested in Harper. Back to back NL pennants wins along with back to back World series appearances. None of the other teams have those enticing accomplishments. It’s not easy to make to the world series and to make two years in a row and fall short makes the pitch to Harper even more enticing for him. Harper knows the Dodgers need a bat that is a difference maker in the post season and this will all play into his decision. The big market of LA the weather, the incredible supporting fan base and being close to home are all a major plus for the Dodgers pitch over the other contending teams.

  14. I think they are doing their due diligence as you mentioned, but I don’t see this happening. Probably meeting to see what the numbers really are going to be for him as he likely sets the market for everyone else this offseason. I’m much more interested in where the Kluber/Bauer rumors are going.

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