Rumor Alert : MLB To Seize Dodgers

MLB Will “Probably” File Motion To Take Over Dodgers

Yesterday, we learned that McCourt is able to provide the financing he brought to the table. This allows him to keep control of the Dodgers, for the time being. Not exactly a loss for MLB, being that their main goal was to block Frank’s request for an open bid on the TV rights. This was accomplished.

Back to the rumor, In the MLB constitution, which Frank signed. It states that any team that files for bankruptcy can be seized by MLB. That said, apparently they are planning on doing just that.

According the this source:

“Baseball’s constitution allows Commissioner Bud Selig to take control of a team that seeks Chapter 11 protection. MLB first must file a motion seeking termination of the franchise, and the person says that is “probably going to happen.” There is no timetable for that filing….”

Interesting enough…

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