Ryan Vogelsong Says Giants Are ‘Better’ Than The Dodgers

[new_royalslider id=”46″] With only 16 games remaining on their regular season schedule, the Los Angeles Dodgers will have ample opportunity to become reacquainted with the San Francisco Giants.

The two teams last met shortly after the All-Star break when the Dodgers swept the Giants at AT&T Park. Friday marks the first of six games the Dodgers and Giants will play with the National League West largely up for grabs.

The storied rivalry has had plenty of historic games, tense moments and on Thursday, Giants starting pitcher Ryan Vogelsong added to the anticipation that’s built up for the weekend series. According to ESPN LA’s Mark Saxon, Vogelsong told a radio station he believes the Giants are better than the Dodgers:

Vogelsong is 0-1 in four starts against the Dodgers this season, however the Giants won the three games he took home a no-decision in. He’s also the pitcher who struck Hanley Ramirez on his hand during an April game this season.

While the Dodgers swept the most recent series played, they Giants hold the edge by one game in the season series.

The veteran right-hander won’t have the opportunity to personally support his remarks as he won’t take the mound in any of the three games. Vogelsong also isn’t scheduled to start any of the three games at Dodger Stadium from Sept. 22-24.

Play begins Friday with the Dodgers holding a two-game lead over the Giants in the NL West standings. Best case scenario for the Boys in Blue is they walk away with a five-game lead and only 13 games remaining.

Should the Dodgers get swept, it would only drop them one game behind the Giants, however the losses would be magnified given manager Don Mattingly aligned the starting rotation so Hyun-Jin Ryu, Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw would all take the ball.

The trio has a combined 46-17 record this season and colletively are 19-8 in their respective careers against the Giants.
[divide] Clayton Kershaw And Don Mattingly Ejected, Dodgers Lead NL West

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  1. Check my math, but with the Dodgers up by 2.0 games, if they’re swept, they would be 1 game back, not .5.

      1. Neat trick going back and editing the article after posting and my comment. Well done!

    1. Yep, one game whether one uses his fingers or toes. Dodgers entered this series 2 games ahead; so 3-2=1. Unless the Dodger bats go cold, that one game may carry for the next 16 games. But no team can put together a 16-game win streak…too much pressure right not.

  2. The Giants probably are better than the Dodgers right now. But they came out of a slump with the return of Pagan. When certain Dodger players come out of their slump, they will be dangerous. But the key word is “when!”

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