Should Dodgers Call Up Keibert Ruiz? Ice Cold Edwin Rios, How Can LA Find a Spark With the Bats?

The Los Angeles Dodgers have lost six of their last eight games as LA’s bats continue to struggle. Edwin Rios has had a rough start for LA this year hitting a team low .095. and currently riding a 0-22 slump.

We discuss what the Dodgers should do with Edwin Rios and if he can break out of his current slide. Plus, is it time for the team to consider calling up Keibert Ruiz to bolster their lack of pinch hitting depth?


Any way you slice, the boys are hitting terribly right now. Or not really hitting at all. With the injuries the club has dealt with, there doesn’t seem to be much harm in getting some different bats some playing time. Essentially, anyone but Rios!


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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. Another thing. Two years ago the Dodgers could have traded Gavin Lux and got Babe Ruth in return. Now they’re stuck with him. He either sinks or swims this year with the Dodgers. So far it ain’t looking good. It’s pretty obvious that the bullpen needs help. For the most part the Dodgers sick, lame, and lazy approach to building the pen hasn’t worked out to well. So who can they trade to get proven help? The Pantry is looking pretty bare.

    1. The FAILURE of the Dodgers to obtain a much needed RHB (a team with alleged embarrassment of riches) is.inexcusable and I KNEW the problems against LHP would continue big time. But they can’t hit anyone at this time. Striking out with RISP is the norm. And along with this is the FSILURE to address this pathetic BP so that at least with some injuries they would be a bit more prepared.

    2. Dodgers sick, lame, and lazy approach to building the pen won them the World Series last year!!

  2. The Dodgers don’t have a spark. It starts with the Manager, he does nothing to change the lineup, Muncy who can walk a ton, (big deal, walks don’t bring in runs) but keeps watching strikes should be leading off. Rios should be send down to try and figure his swing out. Mookie is always lettting strikes go by or check swinging. We have 4 guys who swing their bats like windmills, provides wind power but not base hits! This team is the least aggressive in all of baseball, can’t or wont bunt steal or hit and run. The manager just sets there waiting for the home runs.

    1. Let me repeat what I posted about Roberts yesterday and from the lame answers he gives for his teams performance says it all:
      Some managers have what it takes
      And some managers just have excuses!!

  3. Edwin is just pathetic. You can tell by his eyes that he is just lost up there at the plate. I believe he has a bright future ahead of him…..but for his sake and the team’s sake, he should be sent down where the strike outs aren’t so costly and maybe he can eventually get back on track.

    I don’t think anyone in the bottom side of the lineup is hitting their weight. Maybe our batting coaches aren’t pulling theirs?

    1. The bottom of the lineup isn’t hitting their weight mainly because the pitcher is forced to bat 9th behind them so they are not getting many hittable pitches. That’s also the reason Betts has so few RBI’s, 4 I believe. But that’s MLB for ya. The only major sport with unfair and different playing rules for each league. And Manfred is an absolute disgrace to this game!!.

  4. This team is an absolute embarrassment. So many players that are automatic outs every time they bat. The bullpen is guaranteed to blow the game late. The manager does not have a clue. Yes, we have injuries and I get that. But it seems like every team we play looks like world series champions. The Padres series at home was a nightmare when we blow a 7-2 lead late. The Reds came to LA and were like 2-8 in their last 10 games, but are wiping the floor on us at home. But we simply can not get hits and leave runners in scoring position night after night. Why is Rios on the team? Why does Barnes suck at the plate. In that blown San Diego series, he came to bat 3 times with the basis loaded and all he could muster was a bloop hit that scored 1 stinking run.

    1. Let me try to help here:
      Rios is on the team because Roberts still believes he will be the 2nd coming of Babe Ruth.
      Barnes, as I said before the season began this year does not have Betts hitting behind him in the lead off spot and along with the bottom half of this so called lineup are not getting pitched to with the pitcher batting behind them in the 9th spot. It was obviously a different story last year with the DH. So I am not at all surprised by what we are currently seeing from this ‘so called ‘offense.

      1. guess Andrew Friedman reports to doc now, huh? doc can only play the players AF provides. The Dodgers are going to be fine this year. Get everyone back healthy and they’ll be right back in it

  5. I agree with the previous posters Tim and greg menns on the Dodgers problems. Time for a change. Send Rios, Luke Raley, DJ Peters back to the minors or whatever they’re calling it. Cut bait on Barnes, I know he’s Kershaw’s man-crush. Fire Roberts. I know these are knee-jerk reactions, but don’t look now the giants in addition to the fathers believe they can win the NL-West.

  6. Just a pathetic lineup. Sadly they’re going to get swept tonight. They never got the big RH bat and closer they needed. Going to be in third place by the weekend.

    1. I agree Dodger 1955. No Seager? Walkman Muncy should be batting 2 ___ 4 hole hitter needs to hit and drive in runs like Seager. Beaty with key hit yesterday sitting today in favor for strikeout Windmill Raley. Mookie is pressing —- try bunting or change up and attack 1st good pitch. Will Smith sitting after big 3 run homer. I get it… Kershaw/ Barnes go together but you have to play whose hot. Nobody else who can hit down @ alternate site that’s better than Peters, Raley. Rios, Neuse? Got to get better @ bottom of order to set the table for the top of lineup! And now the BP “ have to be ready” and come in, throw strikes, and do your job as called upon.

      1. I’d be down batting Muncy first as long as his OBP is >.400 – except Betts is our lead-off hitter with speed and cunning baserunning. Max not so much

    2. Betts has turned into Andrew McCutchen a lot sooner than even I expected. 5 rbi in 20 games will give him 40 for the season along with16 homers and a .250 average.

    3. looks like you got that wrong. Kersh pitched great, team hit and the pen closed it out in a 8-0 shutout!

  7. you guys are forgetting that we are not fielding well either. let the starters go until there is a lead off hit in the 8th or 9th.starters have been great. roberts can not manage the bpen.
    needless to say we strike out too much in addition to muncy. were it not for muncy early and a very uncharacteristic from turner we wouol be in last place

    1. thank God the team leadership manages for the long run. save the starters for now, no hero ball. doesn’t matter where we are in the standings in April, just at year end. Dodgers will get hot when they get some regulars back

  8. in the eighth inning yesterday,we had our best base stealer on and supposedly our best hitter why didn’t we hit and run. like previous people said try something different. we would have had a man on second with one out and then drive him in with the single.i agree send rios down and bring up ruiz.

  9. There need send riosdown call up some healty. Players. Doc needs to play small ball. More more often they are wasting to many at bats swings at the first pitch be more selective if a player is slumping give them at day off

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