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Stories By Scully: David “Big Papi” Ortiz Meets Vin Scully | VIDEO

The Los Angeles Dodgers hosted the Boston Red Sox in a weekend full of memorable moments. Not only did the Dodgers win the series, Adrian Gonzalez hit his 300th home run and David “Big Papi” Ortiz met the one and only Vin Scully.

Before the series finale Ortiz went up to the broadcast booth to spend time with Scully and share some stories of his own with the legendary announcer.

“We all love you, we’re all going to miss you,” said Ortiz.

Both Ortiz and Scully are in their final seasons with their respective clubs. Ortiz has played in the MLB for 20 seasons, while Scully is closing out his 67th season with the Dodgers.

Stories By Scully: Vin Scully Reflects on His Career and Legacy | VIDEO

In the series opener the Dodgers honored Ortiz with a special pregame ceremony. Before the Dodgers presented Ortiz with a $10,000 donation to his foundation, they played a tribute video narrated by Scully.

“The other day when I saw you on the board … I was amazed you knew all those details,” Ortiz told Scully. “You covered everything”

Ortiz is referring to this video:

Scully is known for being able to tell stories and being able to say goodbye is never easy. Dodger fans can hold on to Scully a little longer, while in the meantime players from other teams are taking advantage of paying their respects to the legend.

“It has been an honor, and I’m super happy to come here and say goodbye to you,” Ortiz told Scully.

For Dodger fans we are just happy that for the past 67 years Scully has been the soundtrack to Dodger baseball.

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