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Stories By Scully: Vin Scully Recalls Where He Was During Pearl Harbor

Vin Scully is a master at being able to call an amazing game while simultaneously telling a detailed story from the past. He has already given fans so many amazing stories this year, including his views on socialism, Muhammad Ali‘s passing, and more!

Well, on Wednesday he gifted fans with another one of his brilliant stories. This time, Vin Scully talked about what he was doing when he found out about Pearl Harbor.

Stories By Scully: History Lessons From Vin

The story came after he introduced the Military Hero of the Game, Corporal Noboru Seki, who fought with the all-Japanese American 442nd Regimental Combat Team.

Here are some of the highlights from Vin’s teenage memory!

At 14 I can see I was crawling under the big family radio and I was listening to a football game

They interrupted the football game and they said Pearl Harbor, my first thought was that’s probably in China

Well, I was wrong.

And then he [Scully’s father] just simply said, “That’s war”

If those highlights weren’t enough for you, check out the full video below!

Vin Scully is loved for so many reasons that if you ask 10 different people why they love him, you’ll get 10 different answers; however, the stories and personal experiences he shares with fans are irreplaceable.

Make sure to enjoy his last year with the Dodgers by taking in every single word that the wisest man in baseball has to say.

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