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The Dodgers Are Monstrous Favorites To Make the NL Playoffs

Dodgers fans: are you ready for another October? While the games still need to be played – and nothing is written in stone – the odds released indicate that Los Angeles may be playing in the game’s final month once again.

Moreover, the Dodgers are listed abundantly as the favorite in the National League to make the playoffs. Those odds are listed for every team below.

Without question, the Dodgers find themselves way in front of the pack at -1000 to make the NL playoffs. This would mean that to win $100, it would require a $1000 bet on Los Angeles.

Next on the list is the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals at -115. As you can see, this is an entirely different realm or tier. This means you can make your $100 a lot easier by simply betting $115 on these teams. Of course, this is because it is a riskier proposition. What this means? The Dodgers are seen at this juncture as close to a sure thing.

The next closest team in the Dodgers division is the Colorado Rockies at +195. A simple $100 bet on the Rockies would pay $195 if they were successful in making the playoffs in any capacity. Even with the Nolan Arenado extension completed – the Rockies are not seen favorably in these odds.

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Still, we are many moons from October baseball. Equally important – the odds listed are simply a lead indicator of what to expect. For instance, this paints the picture that the NL East will be an absolute dogfight between three teams.

The take home message is the Dodgers are in a great spot. Should they handle their business, they have a roster that is constructed once again to return to October and do battle for the ultimate quest; a World Series title.

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  1. How does OddsShark determine these odds specifically for the Dodgers? I mean these are for just making the playoffs, includes one-game “winner-take-all” Wild Card game to advance to the Divisional round, correct?

  2. Uh Clint. What’s the point. There are several teams in the American league who would win 120 games playing in the national league west. Also several national league teams that would win 100 games in this division. Hard to gauge how good the Dodgers are when half there games are against these bumbling teams.

  3. Still not good enough to beat any of the big 3 AL teams so unless we wanna be the 90’s Bills they should stay out of the World Series

  4. Clint, games are NOT played on paper or vis a lap top. and honestly there is no guarantee Dodgers make the post season anyway. Only the Yankees and Braves have made a PS birth in more consecutive years and no team will win its division every single year.

  5. The Dodgers and Giants offers must’ve been pretty bad for Harper to take 25M AAV for 13 years.

  6. Clint, I admire your confidence!!!! However, making the playoffs is not my goal, and I do not think its your goal or anyone else’s who considers themselves to be a strident Dodger fan. The goal is to win the World Series. And I do not see us being able to do that in 2019. IMHO our team is weaker without Puig, Grandal, and Wood. Friedman, in his infinite wisdom, decided to save some money and that is fine – though it may prove to bite him in the backside around August 1. With Kershaw already experiencing medical issues, Jansen coming back from heart surgery, and Seager not ready to go full tilt, and a weak catching corps, I do not share the same level of exuberance as you or the prognosticators. I would have used some of that money to add a quality starting pitcher to reinforce what we have. I still believe a team never has too much good starting pitching. If the team fails to get out of the gates quickly, Dodger attendance will lag, and that will cost the team money in the end. We can only sit back and see what develops. Go Blue!!!

  7. This actually says more about the rest of the division. AZ lost Pollock and Goldschmidt. Giants didn’t do anything but lose McCutchen. Padres signed Machado, but they’re still 2+ years away. Dodgers are wirse as well. Lost Puig, Kenp, Machado, Dozier, Grandal, Wood and only signed Pollock, Martin, and Kelly. We better hope for emergence of young offensive players. Pitching is where the Dodgers should improve. Kluber was a no brainer, Keuchel is pretty good.

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