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The Dodgers Are Now The Vegas Odds Favorite To Sign Bryce Harper

Harper watch rolls onward. In a storyline that feels like it has been evolving since we were all young – we are coming towards a swift resolution.

On Tuesday, news broke that the Los Angeles Dodgers have again moved to the front of the line at Sports books to be the team that signs the free agent outfielder. Equally important, it’s become a two-horse race. We are down to the Los Angeles Dodgers (the favorite), and the Philadelphia Phillies (the slight underdog). Let’s hope that Philadelphia does not make like Rocky Balboa in this match.

Some reports broke from reputable sources on Tuesday that supported the Dodgers becoming the frontrunner. Moreover, Jon Morosi tweets that the Philadelphia Phillies are suffering concern about the Dodgers as a threat in their Harper pursuit.

Morosi says that some within the Philadelphia organization believe that all things equal – Harper will choose Los Angeles. Now, all things equal would mean of course financial terms. As far as we know, the Dodgers are not willing to go to a 10-year contract. Furthermore – at this point it would require a concession on Harper’s part to take a shorter term deal from Los Angeles and decide on location being a factor to finalize a deal with Los Angeles.

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Interestingly, the band Smashmouth released a tweet that seemed to indicate the San Francisco Giants are no longer in the race.

Furthermore, if you believe that Bryce Harper would like to play baseball on the left coast closer to his home of Las Vegas; that leaves only one possible team.

Let’s all hang on just a while longer, and remember that news on a decision is expected by week’s end.

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  1. Do not underestimate the Giants’ resolve to sign Harper. Remember that they were Zack Greinke’s choice until AZ made him an offer he could not refuse. Greinke was entering his age 32 season when Giants offered him a 5 year contract; Harper at 26 makes more sense for SF, even if it means a 10 year deal.

    1. Giants are desperate to remain relevant even though they are in a steady decline……..they need him……..but like all the other guys they have acquired recently (Cueto, Melancon, McCutchen) this seems randomly desperate for them to do since he can’t improve their team enough to make any real difference in what they are. I think Zaidi knows this and would prefer to spend their money on building a future. The team they (Giants) have right now, with their farm system and salary structure/age, is a failure going nowhere. And if I am Harper…….I can see this……..but if they offer him more money than EVERYONE else (exceed Phillys yearly offering somehow)……..sure, just like Machado……..he might take the money, go there and talk himself into to losing every year. The Dodgers and the Phillies both offer him a better chance to make the playoffs, chase titles etc…….but just like Machado…..would not surprise me if he just chases the dollar. If Harper chooses the Dodgers, it would kill San Francisco like a dagger in the heart.

      1. It wouldn’t kill frisco like a dagger to the heart at all. They will likely watch the Dodgers fall short with yet another really good team. The Giants care about staying ahead of the Dodgers in overall championships while they rebuild

        1. NODH, your clueless like most bay area people. Check your facts. LA has won 5 WS, SF 3. And please don’t embarrass yourself by including the old NY years……… LA way ahead, just like in all sports combined titles.

      2. bluz1st, the Giants would love nothing more than to get Harper away from Dodgers and I would believe that may be a factor in what they end up offering but if I am Harper, I know Dodgers may be in a better position to sign him if it works out and since he’s a Laker fan, well wss. Dodgers need to make some sort of splash because now that Arenado is not a possibility for next year, I still would not like to see both Machado and Harper go to Division rivals. Dodgers as it is may be in for a tough year but wss.

        1. Paul check out this link it expresses my thoughts on this thing purrfectly…..i just read this this afternoon but it encapsulates my thoughts very well……..


          Giants and Phillies were the only pursuit teams a week ago…………the Dodgers just met with him for the first time on Sunday…….I’m not sure why the Dodgers decided to do it but this is more of a case of the Dodgers swooping in and taking him from the Giants or the Phillies at the last possible second. IF Harper signs with the Giants it is not going to get them past all their other problems…… fact if anything it will make things WORSE for them. So if they (Frisco) succeed in their quest and actually give him a ten year deal then we should all be happy about it because it will hamper them financially for years to come.

    2. Still, he has to *want* to sign there. The money may be right, but does he want to spend his prime in a non hitters park (think about career numbers, legacy) playing out those prime years with a lot of role players? They simply are not constructed to use him the right way, as of now.

  2. Prediction – The Dodgers sign Harper (contact length and $$?) then they create a package containing some of the following pieces, C. Tylor, J. Pederson, A. Verdugo, pitcher and a prospect, in a trade for Corey Kluber. Bellinger moves to first, they give Muncey a shot a second and the survivors of the trade take over left field. Why? Because Kershaw is going to begin the season on the DL.

    1. Interesting players being moved for Kluber. I too fear that Kershaw will begin the season on the IL(injured list). Dodgers brass just get the MRI done, find out if anything is wrong with Kershaw.

      1. I think the ship has sailed on Kluber and no way do Dodgers give up Taylor, Pederson, and Verdugo.

        1. Yeah, Cleveland won’t move Kluber this close to the seasons start without being absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the offer.

        2. I speculated that “a package containing some of the following,” not all, could be used in a trade. I would not advocate a trade for Kluber involving all 3 of those players

    2. Kershaw mAy miss the entire season. I always wanted Kluber, even over Harper, but as for your prediction, Pederson, May and another OF will go, Taylor and Verdugo stay and will probably platoon (yikes!) in LF.

  3. According to reports, Phillies, Giants, and Dodgers are all negotiating with Harper on 10, or more year contracts

      1. PaulDodgerFan1965. Do you think that Harper will dramatically improve the Giants? The Giants’ park(I forgot the name because they have a new title sponsor) is Not conducive to LH-hitters. Afterall, I thought I read or heard from espn or mlb network that the addition of Machado to the Padres increased their win total only by three from 75 to 78. I too would prefer not seeing Harper in a SF uniform.

        1. Robin, concur that it would just be horrific seeing that both Machado and Harper end up with Division rivals. As far as their park, obviously it didn’t hinder Bonds but that’s another story anyway. Now I have been preaching for another RHB but in the case of Harper, I would make the exception since he won’t be platooned and has shown to handle LHP. Besides, should Dodgers sign Harper, look for either Pederson or Verdugo to be moved from the OF to make room.

    1. I think that the Dodgers may have touched on the subject; but the consensus seems that the Dodgers and he would need to settle on shorter term, higher AAV. Possibly a record AAV could help entice him.

  4. The tension surrounding where Bryce will sign can be cut with a knife. The Blue Crew needs to add Harper for four reasons : 1) because the Pads jsut signed Manny M. and Bryce is a drawing card equal to or greater than Manny; 2) home game attendance will zoom when the Blue takes on Pads at the Ravine; 3) we tolerate the Pads as if they are little brothers/sisters, but we loathe the Giants and do not want Bryce wearing orange and black; and 4) we might still be able to give up an outfielder and another player in exchange for a pitcher who starts or relieves. Go Blue!!!

      1. Thank you, AZUL!!!! It is now early Thursday morning here on the east coast, and still no word about Harper. This is becoming anti-climactic!!!!! Go Blue!!! Go PD Jr.!!!!!

    1. Good post Lou! Always appreciate reading your thoughts. Bryce in that off white of SF just wouldn’t seem right.

      1. Thank you, Clint; and, keep up the good work. DodgersNation is an excellent source for Dodger news and views about the Blues!!! Go Dodgers!!!

    2. We absolutely do NOT need to sign Harper. He is not worth the money. We don’t need anyone to draw a crowd. The Dodgers have the highest attendance every year.

  5. We don’t need another premadona over-priced “franchise player” like Harper. Save the millions and stop raising parking and seating and concession prices.

    1. You go Jerry! Let ’em know to stop hitting your wallet! I think the reason San Fran has now upped their offer to ten years….forget the Phillies……they (San Fran) feel completely inferior to the Dodgers right now and they will do anything possible to stop Harper from signing with LA. I think when they heard about the LA entourage going to Vegas Sunday and that the Blue crew was suddenly in the mix they went Oh Shit!…….As I posted earlier earlier……..if he signs with LA the Frisco faithful is going to be mentally crushed.

      1. Bluz1st, but if he signs with SF, that certainly won’t make Dodger’s FO look good at all. Also that would be the top 2 FA’s this year going to Division rivals. I am not sure why Giants would feel completely inferior to Dodgers yet because recall that they won 3 WS in a 5 year period and Dodgers hadn’t even a NL Pennant until 2017, which was pretty much a 30 year period without even a Pennant, dating back to 1988.

        1. Paul………Giants have not won their own division since 2012!…….and the Dodgers have won the Giants division the last SIX years in a row…….Gianst finished 18.5 games behind the Dodgers just last season…….Giants finished 40 games behind the Dodgers the season before that!…….and you wonder why I think they feel inferior to the Dodgers?…….believe me, they are focused on everything the Dodgers do. They do not want Harper to join the Dodgers……couple that with the Giants were trying to sign him long before the Dodgers entered the fray on Sunday……..they are going to be seriously bummed if he picks the Dodgers, they want him and if they do not get him, they want the Phillies to get him……..if he picks BLUE Frisco will be FEELING blue.

    2. They probably continue to raise those things with or without Harper! At least if we have him, we raise the chance to fly a flag forever; and maybe catch a few extra souvenirs if you like sitting in the pavilion like I do!

  6. Frisco’s current outfield is one of the worst that I have ever seen. Hunter Pence looks pretty good in comparison. They need Harper to even be respectable. He is not going to bring them a championship though. Harper would increase interest and would undoubtedly lead the league in walks.

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