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Bryce Harper is or isn’t a Dodger and the Kershaw Lemon Law | Episode 43 | Blue Heaven Podcast

Bryce Harper rumors rocked Dodgers Nation this week, and the Blue Heaven Boys™ got it covered from all angles.

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Bryce Harper is guaranteed to be a Dodger by the end of the week… unless he isn’t. Clint and Brook discuss the fallout of both signing and not signing the free agent outfielder.

Clayton Kershaw is struggling with shoulder issues early in camp leading Clint to ask about the possibility of evoking the lemon law. Talking down off the ledge, the guys discuss the bountiful depth the Dodgers have in the rotation.

Future “FOTS” DJ Peters early showing in the Cactus League season has the guys impressed, plus Yimi Garcia is making a run at a bullpen spot for 2019.

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