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The Dodgers Are Reportedly Back in the Mix on Free Agent Outfielder Bryce Harper

Just when you thought it had been truly laid to rest, Bryce Harper to the Dodgers chatter is back.

Apparently the Dodgers 2-0 Cactus League record isn’t enough to let them rest on their laurels.

Sources and reports and rival GMs have said the Dodgers are in on Harper more than a baker’s dozen of times this offseason. However, this is one of the more reputable sources to report on it in some time.

Club officials including manager Dave Roberts were seen in Harper’s home town of Las Vegas on Sunday.

Jesse Sanchez has been a national reporter for since 2001, so there wouldn’t be much reason for him to post something like this at close to midnight PST if there wasn’t some meat behind it.

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With word coming out yesterday that Dodgers’ Chairman Mark Walter never issued a directive to stay under the luxury tax this offseason, this Harper news couldn’t come at a better time.

“Stan and Andrew run all that and they do what they think is best for the team, period, and to win.” – from Jorge Castillo, LA Times

If the Dodgers are free to spend some money, what better place to go than Las Vegas on a Sunday night?

Earlier in the city that never sleeps, the Phillies were said to be “not leaving Las Vegas” until they had a deal with the 26-year old free agent outfielder. Later that day, owner John Middleton left Sin City empty handed.

While Philadelphia is still considered the favorite to land the slugger with all of their “stupid money,” adding the Dodgers back into the mix certainly steps up the competition.

Second tier competition in the sweepstakes include:

  • The White Sox, who still are a good ways away from being contenders
  • The Giants, who are already over budget, and have a manager retiring at the end of the season
  • And the Padres, who just dropped $300M on Manny Machado

The Nationals are said to be out of the running.

Harper will undoubtedly sign somewhere this week and mercifully put this storyline to rest.

Keep it locked in here on Dodgers Nation for all the latest on when and where Bryce signs.

Clint Pasillas

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  1. I think its a smokescreen. IMO I don’t believe the Dodgers are really in on Harper. Boras & Harper want at least 10yrs, exorbitant amount of money and the Dodgers FO is not willing to give that much. I’m guessing he goes to the Phillies or back to the Nationals.

  2. He’s more interested in breaking contract records than winning championships. Go ruin some other teams clubhouse

  3. Please enough with the Harper stuff. Where would he play? The NL West has huge outfields and Harper is a minus defender. And Harper has stated he and the incredibly arrogant agent Boros will only take a long term deal.

    Plus we have Bellinger and Pollock in the outfield reportedly with Pederson, Taylor, Hernandez and Verdugo in the mix. So they trade Pederson and or Verdugo??

    Makes no sense….So tired of this

    1. I must say the latest developments re Bryce caught my attention. Couple that with talk that Joc might be going to Chicago!!!!! If we do land Harper, some has to go, and it just might be Joc. Toles is MIA at this point. An outfield of Bryce in right, Verdugo in left, and Pollock in center is not bad. Belles would go back to first; Taylor at short. I could live with that. Then the question arises as to what happens to Joc? Might we be going after Kluber or Keuchel in light of Kersh’s recent medical woes? Or, a left handed relief pitcher? Or will Bryce continue to negotiate the entire 2019 season????? Tune in tomorrow – same Dodger time, same Dodger channel!!!! Go Blue!!!!

        1. Thank you, tmaxster!!!! I always try to shed light (and humor) where there is only darkness!!!! Go Blue!!!!!

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