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Dodgers Injury News: Cody Bellinger Held Out Of Workouts

It’s spring again and games are officially taking place. All is right with the baseball world, right?

Actually, that isn’t fully true. Moreover, Cody Bellinger has joined the MASH unit. Ken Gurnick of has the skinny, and while it doesn’t sound like anything major with the word ‘precautionary’ mixed in; it’s something to keep an eye on.

Bellinger is going to be held out of workouts for a few days by the team for a sore back. Still, things tend to go from ‘precautionary’ to an item quickly. That’s the fluid way of the sports injury world. However – with Bellinger young and spry – this should dissipate within a few days.

And if he’s feeling good, you’ll see more clips like this one:

We will monitor the ongoing situation. Let’s all remember, it’s spring training. Guys haven’t worked their motors like this in a few months. Equally important, at the end of the day it’s about being ready for game one of 162.

This may get a few guys like Alex Verdugo a few added plate appearances from a positive standpoint. Should the injury linger, the Dodgers boast in-house replacements with versatility like Kíke Hernandez and Chris Taylor who could slide to the outfield.

Get healthy in time for the DN crew arrival next weekend, Cody.

Update (Sunday AM):

Ken Gurnick says that Bellinger is feeling better already. This is positive news!

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  1. happy Sunday, Clint. let’s hope that Bellinger is indeed feeling better and that we won’t begin to har of on going back ailments and so on.. Dodgers IMHO can ill afford to have Bellinger out for a longer length of time. Of course that is meaning for when the season begins, not now.

  2. Call me “debbie-downer” but I’m crossing my fingers that the injury to Kershaw i.e. “dead arm” Is nothing major, Bellinger’s back, the same. Seager will Be in the opening day line-up. We Dodgers fans know about the rest of the pitching-staff(starters and relievers). Turner don’t get hit this spring and Pollock’s injury concerns.

    1. Roberts says Kershaw has shoulder inflammation of his throwing shoulder and is taking inflammatory medication.Obviously I’m Not in the medical field. I hope this is nothing serious(still crossing fingers).

  3. Hey cheepo Andrew Friedman. I’m a big dodger fan. But honestly I hope things go bad this year just so they can fire you. I see that parking will be 45$ bucks this year. WOW and I know that there’s a lot of fans that will pay it. And after that you didn’t cough up a few prospects for Kluber or even sign Harper. The richest team in baseball. I really hope this team falls flat on there face. Just one year so you get fired. Then next year we get a real baseball man to run the show. I hate Andrew Friedman he’s bad for baseball. These idiots nerds that owners hire will ruin baseball.

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