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The Dodgers Continue to Be the Brides Maid in the National League

The Dodgers’ regular season success under their current ownership can’t be denied but neither can their shortcomings in the playoffs in this era.

The Boys in Blue have been the perennial NL West champions over the past decade-plus but another early postseason exit has several fans questioning where the next step will come from. And if there’s one thing you can count on over the last decade, chances are high that the National League pennant is coming through Los Angeles one way or another.

Almost inexplicably, once the Arizona Diamondbacks secured a Game 7 win over the Philadelphia Phillies, another NL team heading to the World Series either was the Dodgers… or beat the Dodgers.

Division championships haven’t just become the norm at Chavez Ravine but the given expectation after the infamous Frank McCourt tenure.

Under the watch of Magic Johnson among many others in the Dodgers’ ownership group, the team’s pockets and win totals have stacked up significantly.

However, constant expensive rosters loaded with star talent haven’t equaled multiple championships in this window as LA’s lone title came in 2020 with a 60 game regular season.

Other than the pandemic year, the Dodgers haven’t gotten the job done despite several All-Star talents littering their rosters throughout the years.

Trea Turner, Max Scherzer, Adrian Gonzalez, Matt Kemp, Zack Grienke and countless other pieces failed to win a title in this window with the Dodgers.

Patience has now run out among those at Chavez Ravine as empty promises without championship glory have fans frustrated at LA’s progress since 2013.

In that time, three of the Dodgers’ division rivals have done as good or better than them in the postseason in a full 162 game set.

2022 saw San Diego in the NLCS at the Dodgers’ expense thanks to their NLDS victory over them.

The Giants’ dynasty from 2010-2014 can’t be ignored as each of those seasons occurred with LA winning the West most of those seasons.

Even Arizona has two divisional appearances and an NL pennant this season more recently than LA after their inspired 2023 run to the Fall Classic.

Years of promise have gone by the wayside and those same fan expectations for a division title also expect early postseason exits at Chavez Ravine in their recent history.

The World Series kicks off tonight and, sadly, your Los Angeles Dodgers are nowhere near playing in it (unless you count Corey Seager still).

Photo Credit: Rob Schumacher, Arizona Republic

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  1. And the Dodgers will always be the bridesmaid as long as Friedman hangs on to Dave Roberts. C’mon, Caleb- its not hard to figure out…

  2. And of course the Roberts haters blame everything on him. All the injuries on the pitching staff, Julio’s domestic violence arrest, all the silent bats coming to the plate. Yep all Roberts fault.
    The fact that he got the team to 100 wins and one again won the division finishing well ahead of the DBs, is of course some kind of coincidence. Certainly wouldn’t have any thing to do Roberts managerial skills.
    Anybody out there care to consider the fact that all the top finishers exited early? Ya think maybe there is something wrong with our blundering commissioners playoff format? Ya think maybe cooling your heels (and your bats) for a week before you can play might be a factor here?…..Naw, let’s just blame Roberts!

    1. Anybody could have managed the dodgers and got the same yearly results. But any real decent manager would also have several rings to prove how good the teams were. Some people thing that Roberts is a great manager, and some people just don’t know baseball skills. The format was the same for all teams, but people want to make excuses for their teams poor results. We are not Robert haters, we just don’t make excuses for his lack of managerial skills. But some people like to blame other “factors” for the teams poor results the last 8 years.

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