The Dodgers Have a Michael Busch Problem

It’s no secret that one of the key factors as to why the Dodgers have been such a successful team in the last decade has been their farm system.

Replenishing the core year in and year out through smart drafting and developing the youth within the minors have given the Boys in Blue many prospects turned superstars over the years.

While a good problem to have, one infield prospect is suffering from the case of just too much depth at the big league level.

Since he’s been sent down to the minors after a cup of coffee in the bigs, third baseman Michael Busch has been absolutely crushing the ball in Triple-A as of late.

Talented as Busch might be, the Dodgers’ moves for infield depth and their stability at both corner infield spots leave the young lefty no place on the major league roster.

Busch, to his credit, has taken the demotion in stride by simply raking ever since last month. Now with 23 home runs on the minor league season, his OPS has skyrocketed to a ridiculous 1.054 against minor league pitching.

Freddie Freeman continues his hot stretch at the major league level and Max Muncy’s contract forces Dave Roberts’ hand to play him every day either as a designated hitter or a third baseman.

Despite a paltry average from Muncy, Busch simply won’t get the opportunities to show his stuff this year barring an injury to anybody in the infield.

Even as J.D. Martinez struggles through nicks and bruises to his lower body, the Dodgers confusingly seem reluctant to get their talented rookie on the field again.

Photo Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

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  1. No problem. He needs to be the starting left fielder next season or third basemen. Going to need his salary when they sign Ohtani. That said, needs to come up soon and provide some depth off the bench. I guess after September 1.

  2. Once again, wasting young talent to placate over-paid veterans. The Dave Roberts way.

    In a letter I sent to Stan Kastens, I mentioned a Muncy trade; sell high after buying low. The Dodgers got Muncy for nothing. Prior to his injuries, he was the one doing the raking. That’s when his value was at its highest. That’s when they should have sold. Same with Taylor. Neither one came up in the Dodgers system, so they didn’t have much invested in them.

    Not so with Busch. Busch needs to be at 3B for the Dodgers, now or at the very least in 2024. The Dodgers are going to need to clear a lot of salary if they’re going to sign Ohtani to $55-60 mil per year. Martinez, Muncy, Taylor and a possible Kershaw retirement will cover the cost of Ohtani.


  3. So with the problem in the infield with no room for Michael Busch to allow him to show what he has, what happens when Gavin Lux returned next season? Max was good at 1st til the Dodgers signed Freeman, and Mookie’s desire to play 2nd base puts more pressure on the Dodgers to make some difficult decisions. Next year should be interesting to see who’s traded and or who’s staying, just don’t go spend $450 plus million for a player this off-season…. But than again it’s not a game anymore, it’s a business….

  4. I certainly hope that the Dodgers don’t contractually guarantee playing time to anyone. Roberts himself has said that those who perform . . . play.
    Muncy is an either/or player. Meaning, he either hits a home run or he strikes out. There is not a better barometer to see how a young talent like Busch handles himself than a pennant race. Bring him up and stick him at 3rd. Let’s see what he’s made of.

    1. Yep, I agree. Muncy & Taylor no longer move the needle for me. Hopefully some off season deals for them. I hope someone in the organization is working overtime with Busch on playing 3rd base. He definitely needs to start there or left field next year. IMO, third base.

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