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The Los Angeles Marathon Will Have a Special Dodgers Guest Starter

Justin Turner knows all about seasons in life being marathons, not sprints. His career is an epiphany of that statement. Now, Turner will be the official starter of the 2019 Los Angeles Marathon for the second straight year.

From the official website:

Justin has also been selected as the 2019 Sketchers Performance LA Marathon Race Ambassador! Last year, with the help of our race team, we were able to raise over $36,000 to help support our causes. Although we are extremely proud of that number, we would love to raise our fundraising goal and we need your help.

The Los Angeles Marathon will take place just before the MLB regular season gets underway, March 24, 2019. It’s an exciting race to run in, going through stretches of Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. If you’re a runner, I am not sure there would be a more beautiful city to undertake such a challenge.

Turner continues to be a guy who both serves the community in a positive way – and is a quality face of the Dodgers organization.

Have you ran in the Los Angeles Marathon before? Is it something you want to do in your lifetime? Let us know in the comments.

With the new year approaching – training for a marathon has to be one of the best ways to start guiding your fitness. Furthermore, if you’re a Dodgers fan; having Turner as the starter never hurts.

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  1. I absolutely love Justin Turner being a dodger . he has great defence and a tough out at the plate . I can see the Dodgers putting together anouther run for the world series and with players like puig and Turner and Bellinger. Just think having Harper in the lineup with them gives LA fans a brighter look at realistically bringing home a world series championship.

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