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Today In Dodgers Nation: Urias Reinstated, Bellinger’s Offensive Record, And More!

There was plenty to talk about in Dodgers news today as Major League baseball formally allowed Julio Urias back onto the roster. The league is still investigating the situation, though they have not received much help from the hotel where the alleged incident occurred.

Dodgers Nation News

Cody Bellinger Cannot Stop Breaking Baseball Records

Julio Urias Taken Off of Administrative Leave by Major League Baseball 

Despite a Great Week, the Dodgers Fall Back in the Power Rankings…?

You Will NOT Want to Miss The Roster for the Dodgers’ Alumni Game

AJ Gonzalez Previews The Series in Tampa Bay For Dodgers Nation

Dodgers’ Beat Writers

Bill Plunkett of the OC Times Breaks the Official Release of Urias from Administrative Leave

Pedro Moura of The Athletic Reports on Andrew Friedman’s Thoughts on MLB’s Decision

Alanna Rizzo Breaks Down The Success of the Dodgers’ Starting Pitching Thus Far

Bill Plunkett Gets Quotes From the Source, As Julio Urias Gives His First Statement 

All of this and more today in Dodgers Nation! Head over to to stay in the loop on the latest breaking news and highlights for your Los Angeles Dodgers. 

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    Why are vulgar and insulting remarks from people not censored? What this same person wrote on Monday and Tuesday of this week is offensive.

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