Trade Deadline: 3 Out, 3 In…

3 Trades The Dodgers Should Consider…

While the Dodgers season isn’t mathematically over, you have to consider replenishing the farm. I know, this isn’t something we’re used to hearing, “Dodgers are in selling mode.” However, it’s not all negative. We have a chance to deal a few players and in return get prospects and bring up a few of the young guys (Dee Gordon, Jerry Sands, Trayvon Robinson).


Hiroki Kuroda – Making 8M this year, trading him would free up just under 4m. Sure, I’d rather deal Lilly’s large contract, but Kuroda is a much more attractive option to teams and would bring back the best return.

Thoughts: Trading Kuroda leaves a HUGE hole in our pitching staff, that honestly, would be hard to fill. This is a trade I would make for a decent catcher prospect. Yankees and Red Sox have the best options here.



Rafael Furcal – Making 12M this year, trading Furcal would free up close to 6M. Currently hitting .189, he’s not setting the world on fire. However, he has warmed up as of late and has superior defense. Brewers and Giants are both looking for SS help.

Thoughts: Trading Furcal opens the door back up for Dee Gordon. Which to be honest, is the main reason I’m OK with dealing Furcal. On the other side, he does have a 12M club option next year. If he can stay healthy and produce, he could be huge for us next year.



James Loney – Loney has given us great defense, with a lack of power offensively.  He’s hitting .258 on the season. Over the past 2 seasons, his K/BB ratio has become a concern. Maybe a new owner would allow the funds to look into Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols.

Thoughts: Trading Loney gives us the option to bring up Trayvon Robinson and Jerry Sands. Placing Sands/Rivera at 1B, and Robinson/Gywnn Jr. in LF. This also forces the issue (next year), to look at the 1B free agent market heavily.


We didn’t mention Casey Blake or Juan Uribe for obvious reasons. Both players are currently on the DL, and aren’t producing enough to be attractive options under their salaries. It would be nice to keep Furcal (assuming healthy) and attack the FA market

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