2011 Trade Deadline : Rumor Tracker

We’re going to do our best to track down all Dodgers related rumors up until the trade deadline on Sunday at 1:00pm PT. Some of these will be far fetched, while others will have more credibility. On Sunday morning, we’ll launch a live chat room for everyone to discuss the news and it’s coming down to the deadline.


Rafael Furcal

  • 8:13 AM: Derrick Goold confirms that the Dodgers will indeed receive Alex Castellanos in return for Furcal. More to come later on Castellanos.
  • Last night, Rafael Furcal was not in the Dodger clubhouse, nor were any of his possessions. His nameplate was gone. These were signs that he will indeed accept a trade to the Cardinals. In fact, some outlets are reporting that he has accepted a deal. However, nothing has been officially announced, yet. The word on the return is that the Dodgers will receive an outfielder not on the Cardinals’ 40-man roster. Rumor has it that it will be Alex Castellanos.

Jamey Carroll

  • All indications yesterday were that Carroll will not be moved. However, the trade deadline always throws a twist, or two.

Dioner Navarro

  • The Giants were rumored to be interested in Navarro. Just speculation for the moment, though.


Hiroki Kuroda

  • 3:51 PM: Kuroda has informed the Dodgers that he will not waive his no-trade clause.
  • 11:15 AM: Down to Rangers, Yankees, and Red Sox, no word on approval from Kuroda.
  • 9:13 AM: Buster Olney now says that the Dodgers and Yankees have not talked recently due to a big gap in views having to do with trade value.
  • 9:09 AM: Buster Olney says that Yankees are in the lead against the Red Sox in the race for Kuroda. He gives a 40/60 chance of a deal happening.
  • 9:01 AM: Sherman also reports that the Yankees believe that if the Dodgers are not blown away, they will not bother trying to get Kuroda to waive his no-trade clause.
  • 8:57 AM: Joel Sherman of the NY Post reports that the Dodgers have asked the Yankees for Ivan Nova and a Catching prospect.
  • 8:03 AM: Ken Rosenthal reports that the Red Sox interest in Kuroda has increased after Erik Bedard’s dismal start last night.
  • The Dodgers do not need a 24-hour window to have a deal in place. This means that the Dodgers have until the absolute last minute of tomorrow’s deadline to deal Kuroda.

Rafael Furcal

  • 11:30 AM: Deal is in place. Pending approval from Furcal.
  • 11:00 AM: The Cardinals and Dodgers discussions picking up steam.
  • 10:05 AM: Furcal has no trade protection, open to trade to Cardinals.
  • 10:00 AM: Theriot starting at 2B for Cardinals (Move for Furcal to SS?)
  • 9:35 AM: Tim Brown reports that if Dodgers move Furcal, likely to the Cardinals, it will be for a small salary relief and to allow more playing time for Dee Gordon.
  • 8:15 AM: Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic tweets that that D-Backs are hoping to get a deal done with the Dodgers involving second and third-tier players. They are reluctant to let go of any of their top guys.

Jamey Carroll

  • 9:30 AM: Highly unlikely anything happens with the Brewers.
  • As of this morning, the Brewers were said to have cooled their interest on Carroll.

Andre Ethier

  • Nothing but pure speculation on Ethier.
  • Ned said, the Dodgers would have to be “blown away” with an offer to trade Andre Ethier.
  • The Braves, Red Sox, and Pirates all make sense, but there is nothing solid on these rumors.


Hiroki Kuroda

  • The front runners appear to be the Yankees and Red Sox. The Tigers are reportedly out of the running. The Indians and Rangers appear to have slim chances.
  • The Yankees had multiple calls into the Dodgers front office on Friday.
  • Red Sox had scouts at Kuroda’s last start against the Rockies.

Rafael Furcal

  • The Diamondbacks have mild interest.
  • The Cardinals had discussions on Friday about Furcal.
  • The Cardinals have made their focus on shortstop. Furcal and Carroll are best two options available.
  • Dodgers have said to be willing to eat large portion of remaining contract (roughly 2.5m left)
  • The Brewers and Giants could be in the mix here as well.

Jamie Carroll

  • Brewers and Indians have expressed interest.

Andre Ethier

  • Ned said, the Dodgers would have to be “blown away” with an offer to trade Andre Ethier.
  • The Braves, Red Sox, and Pirates all make sense, but there is nothing solid on these rumors.

James Loney

  • Loney was mentioned in a 3-way trade involving the Phillies and Houston, netting Phillies Hunter Pence.

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