Trade Market: Three Prime Candidates For Third Base

The Dodgers have three games left until the All-Star break and hold a 1.5 game lead over the Giants. After passing on Kevin Youkilis and failing to acquire Carlos Lee for first base, the Dodgers find themselves in major need of a boost at third base.

What’s going on at third base?

It has been a group effort between Juan Uribe, Adam Kennedy, and Elian Herrera at third base and it hasn’t been pretty.

[table caption=”Dodgers Third Base Production”] [attr]AVG,HR,RBI,wOBA,WAR
[attr colspan=”1″].225, 2, 39, .269, .16

Not exactly screaming power, contact, or any real value at that. Herrera has done well overall for the Dodgers, but he isn’t the answer for the Dodgers everyday third baseman.

Who are the Dodgers scouting?

As you look around at the league and see who’s available, I see three players that stand out the most. You have Chase Headley and Jed Lowrie who are both available now and under team control until at least 2015.

If the Brewers become sellers you also have Aramis Ramirez, who is set to make at least $29m over the next 2.5 years, possibly more if his 2015 option is picked up at $14m or bought out at $4m.

[table caption=”Third Base Trade Candidates”] [attr],AVG,HR,RBI,wOBA,WAR
Chase Headley,.272,8,42,.351,3.5
Jed Lowrie, .256,14,35,.352,2.5
Aramis Ramirez, .268,10,50,.351,2.2

Any of the three players mentioned are a major upgrade over our current line at third base.

So we have two options:

  1. Get younger and cheaper at third base, but pay more with prospects to do so
  2. Pay an older veteran player more money, but less in prospects to acquire him

We know ownership has no problem with option 2, however that money might be better spent on acquiring starting pitching this winter. We know Ned can go either route on over paying with prospects or cash.

My preference is to go after Headley now and hard. Then take our time and look around for help at first, outfield, and starting pitching as teams fall out of contention closer to the deadline.

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