Dodgers Rumors: Is Shane Victorino The Answer?

It appears that Shane Victorino is wearing out his welcome in Philadelphia. He was scratched from the line-up this past Sunday after arriving late and complaining about hitting seventh.

Not exactly the team player personality that Colletti so desires…

Jon Heyman from CBS Sports shared this “bit” of information:

Dodgers have a bit of interest in Victorino. he’d fit others as well (maybe Indians, Pirates & Tigers).

Sure, the Dodgers could use some help in left field, but that falls behind third base, first base, and starting pitching in the pecking order of trades to make this month.

What Does Victorino Offer

[table caption=”Shane Victorino: First Half Numbers”]

The Good

He offers better speed and defense in left field over Bobby Abreu and Juan Rivera. Victorino has 19 stolen bases on the year and strikes out in less than 10% of his at-bats. He could play a lead off role for the Dodgers until Dee Gordon returns from the disabled list.

The Bad

His recent personality issues in Philly, and the cost to acquire him as a rental, makes this tough to swallow. The Dodgers have greater needs at third and first base, making this upgrade in left field a luxury that the Dodgers farm can’t afford.

However, if we see the Dodgers missing out on other pieces (3B/1B/SP) this might be something to revisit closer to the deadline.

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