Trevor Bauer: To the Dodgers or the Mets? Angels Reportedly Out and with Bigger Problems & More

The Trevor Bauer sweepstakes could be coming to an end. Industry insiders have called the Angels out on Bauer while the Blue Jays may have added too much payroll this offseason to pick up a huge ticket item like the 2020 NL Cy Young award winner.

Does that leave just the Dodgers and Mets?

USA Today’s Bob Nightengale thinks New York may have the only offer on the table for the right-hander. Still, don’t count out the Dodgers.

Plus, Bauer is preparing to make his decision soon in a surprising way.


Apologies for the rough audio — the settings had a mind of their own.

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  1. Rumor is that the Mets offered him something in the area of $100 mil for 3 years. If that is the case they can have him. On a Mets fan site they are already making plans to play the Yankees in the WS.

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