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Dodgers: Corey Seager Questionably Ranked the 6th Best Shortstop in MLB

The Dodgers getting Corey Seager back at full health was one of the highlights of the 2020 season. After back-to-back years of battling injuries, Seager returned and put up some of the best numbers of his career. 

Those numbers ultimately resulted in an NLCS and World Series MVP for the Dodgers shortstop. Despite that finish, Seager still doesn’t get the recognition that he deserves. That was true again this week as MLB Network came out with their top shortstop rankings heading into the 2021 season. 

Seager came in at the number 6 spot for shortstops in the league. He finished behind Trevor Story, Fernando Tatis Jr, Xander Bogaerts, Francisco Lindor, and Trea Turner. While there are admittedly a few guys ahead of the Dodgers shortstop, ranking him 6th is flat out wrong. 

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From just a recency standpoint, Seager put up the second-best wRC+ of the 2020 season among shortstops. He also put up the second-best wOBA and second-best slug percentage. Seager drove in the third-most runs of any shortstop and put up the second-best isolated power. Defensively, the Dodgers shortstop left a little to be desired.

If the major difference-maker in this conversation is defense, Trea Turner should probably be moved down the list. Whatever reason they decided to rate Seager 6th, I am sure that he hasn’t paid any attention. The Dodgers won a World Series in 2020, and no other shortstop on that list can say that. 

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  1. Since Seager started his Dodgers career, he is third in WAR behind shortstops Lindor and Bogaerts even though he missed the 2018 season, and was playing somewhere between 75% – 85% in 2019. Over the same period, without playing in 2018, he has the best wRC+ of all shortstops, including Machado who is now a third baseman. I would not trade Seager for any shortstop in MLB today, including Tatis of the Padres.

  2. On one hand; ridiculous! He was the NLCS MVP and the WS MVP.

    On the other hand; can he stay healthy and for how long?

    He stays healthy, he moves up those rankings. The guy is a doubles machine, and with his length he can cover more ground on defense.

    Not sure what Friedman is thinking, but I don’t want to see him hit free agency…

  3. Corey Seager is a team guy, he has always put the team ahead of himself, he might be rank 6th, however with Dodgers and his leadership and consistent play, I would take him ahead of anyone ranked above him! Today in baseball team guys are more valuable then selfish individuals!

  4. Upon what objective criteria was this list based upon? If you take time to look at the collective stats for shortstops in 2020 (which would be a horrible comparison considering it was 37% of a normal season) MLB Networks top 10 makes no sense. Or, if you use career stats the top 10 is even more convoluted. MLB Network’s credibility in this regard is near zero.

  5. I’ll take Seager over all of the above. I think he is on an upward move career wise, with no real ceiling in sight. He will be an MVP candidate for years to come. I think he has the best swing in baseball. I just hope we can overcome the Boras factor so he fulfills his career potential with the Dodgers.

  6. Just like the east coast bias against Kershaw, Seager will outlast most of those guys. They did the same to Bellinger, but, we know teams would give up their top four minor league guys to get him too.

  7. Dodger fans always crying if they’re not #1. Babies! Snubbed? Biased? If mlb is biased then dodger fans are just a biased. So ridiculous!

    1. Who said he should be #1? I read that people would take him above the list but no one said he should be #1.That said, #6 is an insult. Only haters would see that any differently. Kids skills are undeniable. He will prove it over and over for years to come. I just hope you’re man enough to admit it as his numbers stack up way above #6.

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