VIDEO: Clayton Kershaw And Kenley Jansen Impersonate Each Other

To be a closer at the Major League level, it requires a certain mindset and ability to quickly forget any mishaps that may occur along the way. Those characteristics can lead to a more quirky personality as seen with former San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson, or more reserved, seen with former New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera.

Kenley Jansen falls somewhere in the middle; capable of locking in on the task at hand when necessary and also easing back when away from the field. Clayton Kershaw would likely be regarded as one of the more modest Los Angeles Dodgers.

Like Jansen, Kershaw has laser-like focus when it comes to pitching and preparing for his outing. According to his teammates, Kershaw is also known to let loose on days he isn’t scheduled to take the mound, though those moments aren’t captured often.

In a video courtesy of Dodgerfilms on YouTube, Jansen and Kershaw take turns impersonating each other’s deliveries — down to Kershaw’s raising his arms in the air and Jansen’s wiggle of the glove before throwing a pitch.
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